Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture: use on the farm

The Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture helps where it is needed Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture: at the sowingabout hard work and extreme conditions. Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture: specially developed as a powerful work all-rounderThe Kodiak 700 EPS has been specially developed as a utility vehicle for use in industry, forestry and agriculture. It is powerful, has impressive pulling power, is equipped with all sorts of useful features for work and can be expanded with accessories. She’s Yamaha’s specialist – but alongside her, the Yamaha Rhino and Grizzly as well as the Yamaha side-by-sides all come in handy when it comes to work.

Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture: reliable Commi for the farmer

“With its equipment, the Kodiak is equipped to rise to become the most economical and hard-working heavy-duty worker in its class,” says Uwe Zahnhausen from Yamaha Germany. It is powered by a high-torque 708cc engine. Its compact chassis and comfortable seat should also offer comfort on long working days. The robust worker can also shoulder a load of 140 kg plus the driver and also tow trailer loads of up to 600 kg.

With its continuously variable Ultramatic transmission and the selectable all-wheel drive, the Yamaha Kodiak is ideal for use in agriculture Yamaha Kodiak in agriculture: gets everything out of the wayideal as an off-road tractor. With the Kodiak 700 EPS (Electric Power Steering), the electromechanical steering assistance increases comfort. The Kodiak 700 EPS has Maxxis 25-inch tires measuring 25x8x12 at the front and 25x10x12 at the rear; also has digital measuring devices and storage space and a central halogen work light. The disc brakes of the commercial vehicle are encapsulated at the front and in an oil bath at the rear. It has independent wheel suspension with long, adjustable spring travel. In Europe, it is also being launched as standard with a Warn ProVantage 2500 winch.

Fields of application: sowing, sprouting, feeding, pushing and carrying

The Yamaha Kodiak finds a wide range of uses in agriculture. Above all as an all-terrain means of transport, it makes it through forest and meadow to feed forest animals or repair fences. Yamaha Revs Your HeartEquipped with a seeder or spreader, the yard can be cleared of ice in winter and the fields can be seeded in spring. Rubble, soil and snow can be transplanted with a snow plow. Equipped with trailers, the Kodiak transports logs, lumber, building materials and seeds. Cranes and tippers also make the Kodiak a useful partner. chk

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