Yanni Married

Is Yanni Married?

Yanni quickly rose to become one of the leading lights of the 1990s New Age movement. One of only a select few western musicians invited to perform at India’s Taj Mahal and China’s Forbidden City, he completed a world tour.

He recently established a company, Yanni Wake Entertainment, to foster talented young artists and is currently living in Tampa with Marie-Andree and their seven month old daughter Emma.

Early Life and Education

Yanni was born in Kalamata, Greece to parents who were both professional singers; his mother sang professionally while his father worked as a banker. From an early age Yanni developed an affinity for music and began learning piano as a child – an activity both his parents encouraged.

He is an internationally acclaimed composer, pianist, keyboardist and music producer known for blending jazz, classical and soft rock into world music. Additionally, his live shows and global tours are well known.

Yanni first made waves in the early 90s thanks to high profile television and magazine appearances, his 1992 album Dare to Dream receiving two Grammy nominations and becoming an iconic figure of New Age movement in its day. Since then he has performed at some of the world’s premier venues and landmarks like Taj Mahal, Forbidden City and Acropolis of Athens among many more.

Professional Career

Yanni first began his musical journey with Chameleon before moving to Los Angeles and specializing in soundtrack composition for movies and theater. Since then he has released many albums as a pianist, keyboardist, composer, and music producer.

He made himself known in the New Age community with high profile TV and magazine appearances, his relationship with actress Linda Evans helping increase his fame, and his 13th album Ethnicity released in 2003 as an unusual departure from his more powerful symphonic works by including lyrics, which isn’t typical for an instrumentalist like him.

The album was an enormous success and marked a turning point in his musical direction. Since then, PBS and other creative venues have provided him with opportunities to further explore his distinctive sound through world music, leading him on major international tours across over 30 countries.

Achievement and Honors

Yanni first became widely recognized in the early ’90s through high profile TV and magazine appearances. He earned his first Grammy nomination with 1992 album Dare to Dream; subsequent releases received critical acclaim as well.

He has performed at some of the world’s most iconic sites, such as India’s Taj Mahal and China’s Forbidden City. Additionally, he is a major collaborator with PBS, helping raise over 13 million dollars for public broadcasting.

Personal Life for Yanni Evans In his personal life, Yanni was in a nine-year relationship with Linda Evans from 1989-1998 but no further information regarding this is known. However, he does have one daughter named Krystal Ann whom was introduced to the world in April 2014. They are currently working together on an unknown musical project.

Personal Life

Yanni has always maintained an exclusive lifestyle and kept many details about his family private, although he does have one daughter named Krystal Ann who now manages his social media accounts as part of his team.

Yanni stands at an average height with lean body proportions and dark hair. His lifestyle is extremely active, making many health conscious choices in his everyday life and remaining free from major scandals or controversies in his professional career. He is well-renowned for his talent as a pianist and composer worldwide and continues to tour and produce more records, earning numerous awards and honors over time for his efforts.

Net Worth

Yanni has amassed enormous wealth through hard work and intelligent decisions. Today he stands as one of the wealthiest celebrities worldwide.

Early in his career, he performed with various musical bands before moving to Los Angeles to focus on soundtrack composition for movies and theatre productions. There, he founded Chameleon with drummer Charlie Adams as partner. Their debut album entitled Optimystique was then released and they toured to promote it.

Mr. Williamson has worked closely with PBS on over 10 major projects and fundraising efforts throughout his career, performing at 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Taj Mahal, The Acropolis, Carthage El Morro The Kremlin And Byblos. His parents encouraged his unique style when he started playing piano at six.

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