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You can only make the bathroom more elegant with a mirror

You can quickly transform even the simplest and most neutral bathroom into a dream bathroom with a mirror. This just has to be the right one. Look at your current mirror and imagine the bathroom with a completely new one. In your case, would a fancy shape or an interesting frame loosen up the room? Perhaps the following tips will help you make a better decision.

Spiegel im Badezimmer Holzgestaltung

Choose the right mirror and give your bathroom that certain something!

Wooden frame for the bathroom

Don’t be afraid of using wood in bathroom design. This just needs to be processed with the right means so that it does not rot. Even a mirror with a solid wooden frame would immediately refine the room. The big advantage here is that natural materials look good even in a simple bathroom design. So you don’t have to make major changes to the rest of the decoration or furnishings to create a consistent look.

weißes Badezimmer Wandlampen

The use of wood comes into its own for a noble look in the bathroom on the white background

Let’s stick with this material a little longer. Sculptural frames made of driftwood are very popular today in mirror design for the bathroom. You can add other potted plants to further enhance the effect of the foral elements. This combination ensures harmony and seclusion.

Spiegelrahmen aus Treibholz

Sculptural mirror frames made of driftwood are very popular today

For very small bathrooms, we could recommend Venetian mirrors. They have an unusual shape, but are pretty universal in terms of design. They act as subtle accents that do not necessarily have to correspond with something else in the room.

Venezianische Spiegel deko ideen

Venetian mirrors impress with their special shape and the many possible uses

Golden mirror frame

Even the simplest mirror can be refined simply by replacing the frame. Choose a simple geometric shape, but at the same time rely on gold or another elegant, glamorous shade, and you will immediately ensure luxury in your bathroom.

Einfacher Spiegel Rahmen in Goldglanz

A simple mirror frame in gold shade instantly changes the entire look of your bathroom

Different groupings of mirrors

Make an art installation out of the mirrors in your larger bathroom. You can hang two or three of these next to each other. Alternatively, you can group the mirrors along the lines of a picture gallery: You can hang up several different mirrors as soon as they have connecting elements.

schönes Bad viele Spiegel Spiegelwand Mosaikbodenfliesen

Hang up lots of mirrors and design a fancy mirror wall, following the pattern of a picture gallery

Badezimmer rundes Waschbecken weißes Bad Holzbalken

Find a connecting element and hang matching mirrors in the bathroom to make it look classier

You can redesign everything in your bathroom without changing the decorating concept. It is enough to strategically transform or replace a central element. In this case we showed you how that works with the mirror in the bathroom. Could something else be exchanged in your bathroom, so that the atmosphere is totally changed?

Moderne Badezimmer Ideen Mosaikbodenfliesen

In order to enhance the visual effect in the bathroom, the mirror frame must correspond well with other design elements there.

schönes modernes Bad

Round wall mirrors in gold-colored frames spice up this bathroom

Bad Spiegel ideen

Three geometrically shaped mirrors are in optical harmony with the large window above

kleines badezimmer spiegel bild

Only a mirror (here in the shape of the sun) can completely change the look in the small bathroom

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