You can park indefinitely

How long can I park my car on public roads? Can you actually park indefinitely? There is now a new court ruling on these frequently asked questions. The answer: Yes, but you have to make sure that no parking ban is announced.

This means that you can park on public parking lots, eg in parking bays in residential areas, in the position you want. However, a new court ruling states that a vehicle Towed 3 days after a no parking order was issued may. Such a parking ban is announced, for example, by temporarily erected signs when construction work or festivals are taking place on a street. So you can park as long as you want in approved parking spaces, but you have to make sure that no parking ban is announced there.

The new judgment reads:

[…]It is reasonable for a driver to check every few days whether he is still allowed to park (file number 5 K 444/14.NW).


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