Your home office is your favorite place to work

In our dynamically developing world, where the latest technologies are advancing in great strides almost every day, many people dream of working from home and being completely independent. You want to escape the stress of everyday life in the office, forget daily trips back and forth and make yourself comfortable at home in order to earn good money. How is that even possible? Find out in this post!


In your own home office you can realize your dream of working creatively and independently

The facility in the home office


A desk and a comfortable office chair are the basics of office furniture at home

So that you can work undisturbed in your own four walls, you first have to set up a separate work corner or at least a work table just for yourself. This is the indispensable requirement for creative and productive work. Do not even try to work from the dining or coffee table. No, this is not a good idea! You absolutely need a suitable desk and a comfortable office chair, ie the basics for your home office. The desk has to be chosen so that it fits the interior style and the dimensions of the room. If possible, choose a comfortable place, a corner or a window seat where you get enough daylight. And also consider what you would like to have on your desk. Don’t forget that there has to be perfect order there! Nobody is able to work in a jumble of books or odds and ends. This distracts you from creative and positive thoughts.

Make yourself comfortable and create a creative atmosphere in your home office that inspires you to do creative work.

In addition to the desk, a suitable office chair is also a must. In order to prevent any back pain and other physical complaints, your work chair must be very comfortable and comfortable. There is a wide range of office furniture on the market, so you are bound to find something that suits you.


Many people prefer to work in front of or next to the window, which is why they place your desk there


You also need a suitable table for your sewing machine


Make yourself really comfortable in your own home office!

The work and time planning

As a self-employed person, you have to work out your own working rhythm and adapt to it every day. It is better to plan ahead and determine where your priorities are. Then you can certainly do many tasks in one day. And one more important thing: it would be impossible for you to sit at your desk or in front of the PC all the time! It’s neither healthy nor stimulating. So, take regular breaks because you need them! For example, you might decide to do something completely different during your lunch break and not think about your work all the time. Go for a walk in the morning or in the evening, the fresh air is always good. And try not to break off contact with friends and colleagues. Organize small chat hours or larger meetings of friends. These are always a good incentive. An exchange of ideas over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine could be a great source of inspiration for you.

We wish you lots of creative ideas and enthusiasm for work in your own home office!


Set the accents that inspire you creatively


When you work at home, you need enough daylight, and you can set up your home office in the garden shed


Set up your home office in light colors


It can also be a little colorful….


… ..Or rather in the classic color duo of black and white


Set up a home office in a classic style


Pair wood and bulk blue


DIY home office








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