Youtubers Like Lauren Giraldo

If you are looking for youtubers like Lauren Giraldo, you’ve come to the right place. There are many YouTube personalities out there, but what sets Lauren Giraldo apart is her unique style of posting. She’s not only an actress, but also a social media personality. She rose to fame in 2013 when she started posting Vines. Read on to discover what sets her videos apart.

Lauren Giraldo is a popular Hispanic influencer from Miami who started her career on Vine as Princess Lauren. Her viral videos showed her approaching strangers in malls and demonstrated her confidence and charisma. Today, Lauren has grown into one of the top lifestyle vloggers on YouTube, with content ranging from fitness to fashion and skincare. She also documents her weight loss journey in her fitness videos. Her weight loss hack has become a popular 30-minute workout.

Another YouTube star who has become popular is Bethany Mota. Originally from California, Bethany Mota is a Hispanic influencer who started out as a beauty and DIY channel before becoming a lifestyle vlogger. She has been on various TV shows, including Telemundo’s Premios Tu Mundo and a social media correspondent for the broadcast network. As of December 2015, she had 527,819,414 subscribers and had over 1.4 billion views on her videos.

Another great YouTuber is Steph Bohrer. This college student loves to read, and her videos about holiday shopping have been featured on BookTok several times. She also makes fun vlogs, which are perfect for binge watching when you’re bored. Her videos about holidays and winter travel make her a great source of motivation. These videos have become classics in the YouTube community.

YouTubers like Lauren Giraldo earn money from advertising on their videos. Depending on the type of content, YouTubers can earn anywhere from $2 to $7 for each thousand monetized views. YouTube takes a 20 percent cut of the total monetization. YouTubers earn between forty percent and 80% of their views from ads. YouTubers’ income is largely dependent on how many views their videos receive on average every month.

Other great YouTubers include Gretchen Geraghty, a college student who started out posting vlogs about her productivity in college. She later moved to Texas. Another great YouTuber is Moya Mawhinney. This vlogger makes daily life in the big apple a breeze. She shares personal videos as well as fashion based content. In addition to Lauren Giraldo, there are also many other great YouTubers that are worth checking out.

YouTubers like Lauren Giraldo and Rubius are Hispanic influencers who started out by uploading videos on Vine. She managed to make a name for herself and became famous overnight. She then moved to Los Angeles and began dabbling with YouTube. As of December 2015, she had over eight million subscribers and over a hundred million views. Rubius, a Spanish vlogger, has more than a billion views.

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