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Zedd Net Worth – Musician and Producer

Anton Zaslavski is better known by his stage name Zedd for his contributions to electronic dance music (EDM) genre and has gained great renown and wealth for them. Most of his income comes from selling music or performing live.

Additionally, he has broadened his career horizons and become an active philanthropist.

Early Life and Education

Anton Zaslavski, more commonly known by his moniker Zedd, was born in Russia but later relocated with his family to Kaiserslautern, Germany where he received his education. From an early age on he has had a deep affinity for music; at four he began learning piano.

His dedication and love of music made him one of the world’s most successful DJs, touring worldwide while his songs hit top music charts worldwide.

Zedd has worked with many acclaimed artists to craft hit songs. His most recent collaboration with Foxes, Clarity, reached #1 on music charts and won multiple awards and accolades during its release. Zedd is also well-recognized within the EDM industry and regularly attends major festivals worldwide.

Professional Career

Music is likely Zedd’s main source of income, with earnings coming primarily from album sales and streams on Spotify and YouTube. He may also profit from appearances, sponsorships and collaborations with other musicians – which may all add additional sources of revenue for him.

He has earned international renown by remixing songs by artists like Selena Gomez, Jon Bellion and Troye Sivan – garnering millions of views on streaming platforms for these works and others by this artist.

As one of the world’s premier DJs, he has performed at numerous concerts worldwide as well as collaborated with companies like Riot Games to release an eSports championship track. However, despite being one of the world’s best-known DJs he remains private and has never been involved in any controversy or scandals.

Achievement and Honors

Zedd has won numerous awards and recognition throughout his career. With an avid following that has helped build him an income-producing asset, his tours, appearances, and collaborations with brands are additional sources of income for this Russian-German musician.

He is best-known for his electro house music, yet is an incredibly versatile DJ who has experimented with dubstep, reformist house, classical and even dubstep genres. As a result of his immense popularity he has collaborated with some of the biggest pop stars on earth.

His properties in Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills stand as testament to his financial success, while a large following on social media helps generate additional income through YouTube and Spotify.

Personal Life

Zedd has made his mark in the music industry through hits like Spectrum and Clarity. He has collaborated with prominent artists, and is known for his high-energy beats and infectious melodies.

He holds dual citizenship in Russia and Germany and takes great pride in his Russian-German heritage. He has maintained a positive public image with few issues or controversy surrounding him; additionally he supports many charitable causes through donations made on his behalf.

He is an esteemed DJ and producer who earns from album sales, live performances, endorsements, business ventures and merchandise lines that he owns to increase profits. He boasts a massive following on YouTube as well as being popular among his social media fans and enjoys watching sports while playing video games with them.

Net Worth

Anton Zaslavski, better known by his stage name Zedd, has amassed an immense net worth through music sales, live performances, endorsements and business ventures. A renowned musician and EDM producer, Zedd has collaborated with several acclaimed artists.

His popularity and talent has catapulted him into household recognition, and he is sought-after DJ at various renowned festivals – contributing significantly to an increase in annual earnings.

His own company produces different cosmetic weapon skins for Fortnite, while also boasting blue eyes. Additionally, he purchased his home in Hollywood Hills for $4 million and hosts concerts to support organizations like American Civil Liberties Union.

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