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10 practical tips to remodel your old garage

Garages are intended to store and protect the family cars, but over time they often turn into a room packed with everything that is no longer usable or completely useless. It often happens in life that there are not enough rooms in your own home. Perhaps the family already needs (at least) one additional room that they could use as a private fitness studio, hobby studio, home office or just as an additional guest room.

In this case, if you have a Wanting to add an annex to the home would normally cost a lot of money. With a little creativity and far less effort, however, you can successfully convert your prefabricated concrete garage into a new, useful and good-looking functional space. Don’t you think that’s possible? Then stay with us and let us convince you.

  1. A friendly guest room emerges from the old garage

    bed room-garage-storage-ideas

    The old garage offers enough living space for an inviting guest room

This is actually the popular oneFirst conversion option for most families looking to expand their home on a budget friendly basis. Before you get this project rolling, reconsider the garage space and think about whether it meets your goals. But a garage of normal size is perfect for a spacious guest room or even a guest apartment. Only then could you seriously consider discussing your plans with an interior designer and getting the best remodeling plan for a new guest room.

If you have a small one there Could add a kitchen and even your own bathroom / toilet, that’s great! Another useful tip would be to replace the large garage door with a double front door. That will improve the overall look of the garage. In other words, this building would no longer look like a garage! You could also make a nice little porch in front. How do you like the idea?

Also think of large, wide windows. The most important thing in such a renovation is to get a bright and spacious living room that offers enough living comfort and functionality.

  1. You can convert the garage into a cozy home office


    Do you dream of a home office where you can work completely undisturbed?

When it comes to renovation work, more and more people are deciding to convert their old garage into a cozy one Home Office to transform. This idea has a special charm because working from home has become very popular lately, not to mention the possibility of starting your own successful business in your garage!

If you decide to do this conversion, you need to know in advance: you need a comfortable work area, plenty of storage space and an extra area for business meetings! All of these requirements are important and none could be skipped. They actually affect every home office, no matter where it is located.

The most important requirements in this case, however, relate to a perfect power supply and perfect Internet connection. That must be guaranteed! Good sound insulation in the garage is also a plus point for converting into a home office.

  1. Family room for fun and games


    Do you want to really enjoy yourself? And your children too? Then you need an extra room for fun and games!

Just Families with more children are very enthusiastic about such an idea! How convenient would it be to have a room where kids can play freely and have fun without disturbing anyone in the main house! The garage can provide such an entertainment room.

For this project you will need good floor insulation, room temperature control and lots of natural light. All of these conditions are essential. Think about the right flooring and thick carpets where your children will love to play. And don’t forget, the flooring should be easy to clean!

As with the interior design, the children in this room can have yours too be your best design consultant. The new playroom should be furnished according to your taste and ideas. Should there be a royal castle or a pirate cave there? Anything can be done! Only let your children’s imagination guide you! Your job is only to ensure your safety and comfort.

  1. In the Garage set up a private gym

gym garage storage ideas

Many homeowners dream of having their own fitness room

That’s a great idea! You could convert the old garage into your very own private gym! Your own Fitness room brings you many advantages and also saves a lot of money and time. No appointments, no more fees, no crowds or occupied equipment, perfect hygiene and no stress! If you wanted to have all of this, you would have to put a garage remodeling project like this on your mind. It’s not that difficult to do this. The garage floor offers enough space for the necessary fitness equipment. It is particularly important to choose the right flooring and install it there. This should be able to withstand constant foot traffic and any overload. It should also be easy to clean, chemical resistant and have a permanent coating. Good ventilation and air conditioning are also very important in a private gym, so think about it!

  1. Space for relaxation and meditation


    If you like to meditate ……

Absolutely awesomee idea, isn’t it !? Having a private zen retreat is a dream for many in our busy lives. The conversion of the cold concrete garage into a space for relaxation and meditation is a demanding project, which can be started with the help of an interior designer and with a little good will and a lot of creativity. You will be pleasantly surprised by the end results! More natural light and the use of soothing pastel colors are the keys to success with this remodel. It depends on where exactly you live, but adequate air conditioning would only be of use here. The presence of some green plants is also a plus because they create a relaxed atmosphere in the room. The amount of light could be controlled with appropriate blinds or curtains on the windows. Pastel tones are always the best choice in a space for relaxation and meditation, so these should not be missed in your new Zen retreat.

Need when meditating Get enough fresh air. In other words, air conditioning is of crucial importance in such a room in order to ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation.

On the other hand, everyone has their own own idea of ​​how best to relax. For some it can be a yoga session, while for others it means just reading a nice book in a quiet room or relaxing for at least half an hour in a hot bathtub in complete tranquility and by soft candlelight. Your attitudes and preferences will determine how you can transform your garage into an oasis of wellbeing.

  1. Own houseDesign a library with a reading corner

    home library garage storage ideas

    A great idea for all bookworms

Book lovers know best: sometimes it is difficult to find enough space at home for all the books or to create a quiet reading corner in the house. And even in the attic or in the basement can not solve the problem. Then think of the garage! With air conditioning and cozy furnishings, you can turn the garage into impressive and comfortable House library transformed that can be used by the whole family, even neighbors and friends.

D.he garage not only offers excellent conditions for accommodating numerous comfortable bookcases, but also offers sufficient space for the placement of comfortable furniture. There you can spend pleasant time reading or organize an event with other book lovers.

  1. Home theater

    home theater garage storage ideas

    In your private home theater, you could see all the hit movies a hundred times!

A home theater can appear as extravagant luxury. Many people even think that this is not an easy project. Not cheap either! But it can be an investment that you and your family can enjoy for years! For this conversion project you need professional planning and advice regarding the necessary materials and the entire project management.

Of course, in a project like this, excellent soundproofing and acoustics are essential, as is proper lighting and air conditioning. Sitting comfort is also seriously considered, so think about comfortable seating.

  1. You can set up your art studio in the garage

    wall design-garage-workshop-garage-storage-ideas

    If you love to paint ……

E.Artists, either professional or amateur, can set up their own art studio in the garage. For this project, light is essential. Both natural and artificial light should be guaranteed in the room. The large garage door offers excellent options for this purpose. It would be perfect if you could add extra windows on the walls and ceiling.

to The interior decoration would suit objects made of wood best. Finally, special attention should be paid to installing a good air conditioner there, for adequate humidity and temperature control.

  1. Music studio in the garage – a great idea!


    Do you play an instrument?

Finally! Here ambitious rock band can have their own place to play music. All you have to do is turn the old garage into a music studio.

Well, here we maybe need to distinguish two main trends: on the one hand, do you need the space just to have fun with friends, or on the other hand, do you need a space for professional purposes? Decide what applies to you and roll up your sleeves!

  1. Photo studio

    photo studio-garage-storage-ideas

    A private photo studio for professionals or amateurs

A Having your own, functional, comfortable photo studio is a dream for every photographer, professional or amateur. A garage offers excellent opportunities for a renovation and thus for realizing this dream. Make sure you get plenty of natural light inside, every photographer will appreciate that!

After all, it will be convenient and convenient to have your work place one step away from home. There you can work completely undisturbed by other family members or the whims of the weather. It is important to have excellent air conditioning and room temperature control there. And also observe the fire protection regulations! Your safety and the maintenance of your technology are particularly important! You don’t want to lose your photo equipment, it is ultimately not cheap at all!

These were our top 10 tips for turning an old garage into something more useful! In the next pictures we present you with further ideas that might also be of interest to you. Scroll down and get inspired!


Set up a space for your hobby in the garage!


Entry for men only

bar garage storage ideas

That’s a bar! Bottom up!


A brewery in the garage? Yes, wonderful idea!

wine cellar garage storage space ideas

There is enough space in the garage for a wine cellar too!

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