36 Mafia Net Worth

The Three Six Mafia Net Worth of DJ Paul

There’s no doubt that the name Three 6 Mafia is synonymous with hip hop, but there’s more to the group than just a horde of bozos spitting out mediocre rhymes on the mics. One of its members, DJ Paul, has earned a respectable living as a renegade DJ, and his contributions to the industry are not limited to music. He has also co-founded Kaze’s mini-hip-hop ensemble. In addition, he has started and/or sold a few businesses in the course of his career. Hence, it’s no wonder that he’s amassed an estimated net worth of at least $4 million.

While it may be impossible to pin down a precise figure, it is safe to say that Three Six Mafia’s combined net worth is well into the billions. For starters, the group is signed to Sony Music Entertainment. They have produced several hits, and they have won a few awards for their efforts. While no doubt they have their share of ups and downs, a couple of their major hits have crossed over the border into the mainstream. For example, their 2006 song “It’s hard out here for a pimp” was named as Best Original Song at the 78th Academy Awards, which is something else entirely.

It’s not surprising, then, that DJ Paul has amassed a massive fortune as a result of his contributions to the industry. He has been a fixture in the hip-hop game for well over a decade. While he has earned his fair share of accolades as an artist, the man has never shied away from his role as an entrepreneur. As of last year, he had more than a dozen businesses under his belt, some of which are related to the music industry. In addition, he has managed to earn a substantial sum of money from his numerous albums. In fact, his most recent effort, a collaboration with the rapper Frayser Boy, has racked up over a dozen hit singles.

While it is not exactly rocket science to figure out the amount of money the Three Six Mafia has made, a more accurate assessment of their monetary value would be a more accurate count of the actual cash in their bank accounts.

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