4 Sustainable Companies to Invest In

Sustainable companies are finally starting to become a sound investment option for many individuals, and this bear market has brought a lot of stocks down to an attractive price tag.

With so many companies world-wide hurting our planet and contributing to climate change, it’s nice to know some of your portfolio is invested in companies that are 100% environmentally friendly. As the Biden administration eases the path for sustainable companies to grow, it is a real possibility that some sustainable companies make large moves in the market, once the overall market recovers.

In fact, there are entire funds that solely invest in sustainable companies. Check out this investor’s profile for example to see their sustainable investments.

In this article, we’re going to go over four companies that are entirely sustainable, meaning they are doing their business without any negative impact on the environment or society. All of these companies offer something unique, so we recommend reading through the whole article to find some potential sustainable companies you would like to invest in.


Sunrun is a brand new company that has completely shaken up the solar energy business. Already one of the leading clean energy companies in the U.S, Sunrun has been able to claim responsibility for just about 20% of all solar panels in the country.

They allow people to rent or purchase their equipment, so that it reaches the most households in America. Additionally, owners of these solar panels will enjoy tax credits and rebates from the federal government. Today, Sunrun is sitting at just under $25 USD, at $24.36.


Albemarle is a company with great history, being founded in 1887. This company is the leading producer of lithium, bromine, and catalyst solutions. They produce the batteries for Tesla and other electrical vehicles. Additionally, they are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and employ just about 5,600 people.

Albemarle is a really stable investment for many individuals as they produce essential components for everyday items and more.

Their stock price today sits at just over $200 dollars, down 13% over the past year — mostly due to the tumbling global stock market.

Enphase Energy

Another solar energy company, Enphase Energy has a focus on the consumer side. They have installed over 36 million microinverters (which capture energy from the solar panels themselves) across 1.5 million homes.

What sets this solar panel company apart from others is the number of microinverters they install on residential homes. They install one microinverter for every single solar panel they put on a home. Meaning if one panel were to fail, the others would do just fine. For context, most solar panel companies will only install one micro inverter for the entire house! So if just one solar panel fails, all the power shuts down.

As of July 1st of 2022, Enphase Energy is going for $195.72 USD, which is actually up 6% on the year, a trend going against the rest of the market for sure.

Clearway Energy Group

Clearway Energy Group may just be one of the largest companies that operate various clean energy facilities. With over 5 gigawatts of energy produced from wind, solar, and energy storage, Clearway Energy is one of the largest clean energy companies on the planet.

The company is able to offset 8.8 million metric tons of carbon emissions for its consumers, making Clearway Energy Group a very positive company for our environment. Today, their stock price sits at $32.67 USD.

Key Takeaways

We hope this article brought some attention to some of the top sustainable companies that you can invest in. All of these companies can be found on your typical stock brokerages, whether it be TD Ameritrade or Robinhood. Of course, we can’t recommend the time to buy these stocks, as they are very much tied to the global stock market. However, it’s definitely a consideration for many investors out there to invest in these sustainable companies.

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