Adam Gustafson

Lieutenant Adam Gustafson

Lieutenant Adam Gustafson served the West Fargo Police Department for more than 10 years. A US Army combat veteran, he was an invaluable member of their staff.

He died tragically on May 18, 2021 due to suffering a heart attack while at work, leaving a lasting mark in his community.

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Professional Career

Adam Gustafson leads an easy professional life as an officer for the West Fargo Police Department. He has been there a while and enjoys great rapport among his co-workers.

As a law enforcement officer, it’s crucial that one can think quickly on his feet and quickly respond to emergency situations. His ability to do this has enabled him to keep West Fargo secure from crime.

He is a dedicated father and husband. When not working or playing with his children, you’ll find him on the golf course, fishing for trout or playing his guitar – or having a beer with friends! Additionally, he takes great pride in serving the community, earning several awards for his dedication and service.

Achievement and Honors

Gustafson excelled on and off of the field. Leading Grove City in receiving yards per game and helping win their inaugural ECAC James Lynah Bowl championship was just part of his legacy as a model student-athlete. He was even offered his own scholarship from Grove City as part of this feat!

He was featured in many news articles and social media posts, garnering national media coverage. His achievements were many and his contributions to Grove City were immeasurable – contributions to athletic department, involvement with community service program at college and many acts of kindness toward fellow students, family and friends were only some examples. A true gentleman, his contributions will always be remembered fondly.

Personal Life

Lieutenant Adam Gustafson was an immensely respected member of the West Fargo Police Department for 10 years – recently promoted from sergeant.

As an officer, he was well known for his dedication and teamwork, not to mention his warm smile and infectious laughter. A tribute has been placed in West Fargo City Hall’s Grand Foyer in his honor.

Lieutenant Adam Gustafson died while performing his duty Tuesday, May 18th after suffering a heart attack while on duty. According to Cass County Coroner’s Office records, Lieutenant Gustafson suffered from “severe coronary artery disease and major arterial blockage”. Fellow officers provided immediate aid until an ambulance arrived and brought him directly to Sanford Emergency Department according to Western Falls PD’s Facebook post.

Net Worth

Lieutenant Adam Gustafson was a police officer from West Fargo, North Dakota. On May 18th 2021 he suffered a fatal heart attack while attending an active shooter training class and died due to its effects.

He was a US Army combat veteran and 10 year veteran of the West Fargo Police Department, according to his fellow officers. According to their accounts, he was an exemplary member of this unit.

His colleagues remember him for making an impactful contribution to his community – from ringing bells for Salvation Army bell-ringing campaigns and fundraising events, to supporting Special Olympics with donations. But above all else he was most proud of his family.

West Fargo police officer Brian Anderson was a dedicated father of three. His hobbies included golfing, hunting and fishing. In 2012 his department named him Employee of The Year for life-saving work.

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