Aidan Turner Net Worth

A Look At Aidan Turner’s Net Worth

Amongst the most famous actors to have been born in the 1970s, Aidan Turner is most famous for his role as Tommy Turner in the BBC television series Casualty. He also has a wealth of film and television credits to his name, which has helped him to enjoy a high net worth. Here’s a look at his career and awards that he has won.


Known for his roles as Ross Poldark in “Poldark” on the BBC, Aidan Turner has made a name for himself in the entertainment world. The actor has appeared in a number of television programs, films and stage plays. He is also a successful ballroom dancer.

Aidan Turner started his acting career at the age of 22. He joined the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated from the school in 2004. He also took acting classes in London. He had a number of small parts in television shows and movies. In 2008, he landed the lead role in ‘Desperate Romantics’ on the BBC.

He has been in several relationships. He dated actress Sarah Greene for five years, from 2011 to 2015. The two split up in 2015. The actor has also been romantically involved with artist Nettie Wakefield. However, they have not confirmed their relationship.

Awards received

During his acting career, Aidan Turner has received a number of awards. These include the best West End debut and the best play. He also received the best drama performance award at the National Television Awards. He has also been nominated for the Irish Film and Television Academy Award for best lead actor in a drama for his performance in Poldark.

Aidan Turner has also received the award for best actor in a play for his role in Martin McDonagh’s The Lieutenant of Inishmore. This play is set in Northern Ireland during the peace process. Aidan is also a big fan of Shakespeare.

Aidan is not a fan of award ceremonies. However, he was seen at the GQ Awards. The event took place at Tate Modern and featured a number of famous faces. He was seen wearing a suit.

TV roles

Known as the Irish actor who played Ross Poldark in the BBC adaptation of Poldark, Aidan Turner is a famous actor who has starred in numerous television shows and films. He is also known for his role in the blockbuster movies The Hobbit trilogy and the supernatural drama Being Human. His net worth is estimated to be between $1.5 million and $10 million.

Aidan Turner began his career by working in theatre. He also made his acting debut in a short film called The Sound of People. He then took acting classes in London.

Aiden Turner had a brief stint in Australia before returning to England. He attended the Gaiety School of Acting and graduated in 2004. He later auditioned for small roles in TV shows and commercials. He also landed the role of Mal in the 2008 TV series Alarm.

Personal life

Despite being married for a couple of years, Aidan Turner and his wife Caitlin Fitzgerald have kept their family life private. This comes after they met while filming the fantasy drama film The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot in 2017. Their wedding didn’t happen until August 2021, reportedly in Italy.

Aidan Turner has been acting for years. He began his career as a member of Ireland’s national theatre. Later, he moved to the United Kingdom to pursue acting. He’s best known for his role as Captain Ross Poldark in the 2015 BBC remake of The Poldark novels by Winston Graham.

Aidan has also played several characters in television and films. His credits include Being Human, The Clinic, Station Eleven and Desperate Romantics.


Known as the “Captain Ross Poldark” of the BBC version of The Poldark Novels, Aidan Turner has been one of the most popular actors of recent years. But, the actor, who was born in Ireland, hasn’t revealed much about his personal life.

Turner married Caitlin Fitzgerald in an intimate ceremony in Italy in August 2020. But, the couple hasn’t disclosed much about their marriage. However, rumors about their relationship have surfaced. It’s believed that they secretly married while filming in Italy for Leonardo.

Turner has also starred in The Hobbit film series and The Clinic. He’s appeared in numerous TV shows and theatre plays. But, the actor is most known for his role in the Poldark novels.

Aidan Turner’s character, Dr Joseph O’Loughlin, is a psychologist and has a successful practice. But, he may have a secret that’s entangled with the death of a young woman.

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