Are private schools really better?

Are private schools really better?

Taking into account the composition of the students, the performance of students in public schools is often equivalent or even better. However, the number of hours taught at private schools is significantly better. The proportion of foreigners in private schools is lower than that in state schools.

Why should I send my child to a private school?

Less missed lessons and smaller classes Public schools should not be surprised that many parents would prefer a private school for their child, as surveys confirm. The fact that they then send their child to public school is mostly due to the costs of private schools.

Who pays private schools?

Private schools that are recognized as substitute schools receive financial support from the state (about 60% of the costs). The missing difference is generated by school fees, as long as there is no social selection. Therefore, many schools stagger the school fees according to the income of the parents.

How is a private school financed?

Private schools basically have two sources of income: a state financial equalization and the school fees of the parents or students. Complementary schools and free teaching institutions are not funded, they are usually financed exclusively through school fees or course fees.

Are private schools supported by the state?

Private schools basically have two sources of income: state subsidies and the school fees of the parents or students. However, only substitute schools receive grants from the state. The subsidy for the alternative schools is based on the amount of costs incurred by a student at a state school.

Why are there private schools?

Private school means more individual support = more joy in learning and school. More joy in learning and school = better results, more school degrees, higher qualifications. Better results and more school degrees = Good for Germany as a business location.

When do you have to pay school fees?

Tuition is a fee that parents pay to allow their children to attend a particular school. In Germany, this fee is only payable at private schools and is also graded there according to the income of the parents. Public schools do not charge tuition.

Until when did you have to pay school fees?

145 abolished. For middle schools, the tuition was between 19 and 10 RM per month, depending on the school, and for high schools about twice as much. For grammar schools it was abolished in most federal states in the 1958/59 school year; at that time it was 15 to 20 DM per month.

Who pays school fees in a divorce?

The parents of the two students live separately. The job centers at the parents’ respective places of residence refused to bear the costs for personal school supplies. Both considered themselves not responsible. The social court ordered the job center at the mother’s place of residence to pay the school fees.

Who Pays for Divorce Tutoring?

Who pays for the children after the divorce: housing, food, sports and tutoring: how do parents who live apart share the expenses? Who will pay for the children after the divorce. The parent with whom the child lives assumes their maintenance responsibilities by taking care of the child’s basic needs.

What counts as additional child support?

A so-called additional need exists for regularly incurred costs that exceed the usual costs of living and are therefore not covered by the standard rates of the Düsseldorf table. It is therefore a matter of ongoing additional expenses that are part of the child’s necessities.

Are school fees counted towards maintenance?

If the child of separated parents attends a private school, the costs can be claimed as a so-called additional need for maintenance. However, there must be factual reasons for the additional need or the other parent must agree to the additional expenses.

What does the father have to pay despite child support?

The father has to pay alimony of 1118 euros for his three children. Not all of the costs incurred by the child can be covered by the requirement rates in the Düsseldorf table. Both parents may deduct an allowance of 1100 euros from their income.

What else does the father have to pay apart from child support?

The parent who pays alimony, so-called alimony, is also obliged to pay a proportion of the special needs (medical treatment, medical aids, legal costs) of his child. However, costs for ski courses, school weeks or leisure activities do not usually count as special needs.

What can be deducted from alimony?

Maintenance / Income Calculation: Deductions A -Z Can the following expenses be deducted from income? Depreciation. Basically yes. retirement benefits. Yes. Workwear. work equipment. Unemployment insurance. Occupational Expenses. disability insurance. Contributions to professional associations.

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