Bailey Deluca Baio

Bailey DeLuca Baio

Bailey DeLuca Baio was born five weeks prematurely. Since her public appearance, many sponsors and fans have supported her. Her mother, Renee Baio, was also a Baywatch star. However, her mother’s past isn’t exactly a rosy one: she was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer in 2010 and a rare metabolic disorder in 2015. In addition, her father suffered from alcoholism, a history of drug overdoses, and he lost his first daughter prematurely. However, Bailey, nicknamed B.B., is a strong advocate for those affected by such diseases.

Although her parents are renowned in their respective careers, the young actress has a unique skill. She is incredibly talented in golf, earning sponsorships and endorsements since she was eight years old. Scott and Rose Biao share a passion for the sport and Bailey has been playing for many of these sponsors since she was a kid. Online, you can find a Wikipedia entry about Bailey Deluca Baio.

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