Bands Like Idkhow

IDKHow is an American musical duo. Formed in 2016, the group is made up of bassist Dallon Weekes and lead vocalist Dallon. The drummer Ryan Seaman adds another pounding beat to the mix. The songwriting style is heavy, but the band’s unique sound is catchy and fresh. The trio is constantly gaining momentum in the music scene, and their enthralling stage presence is gaining new fans daily.

While the band’s music is edgy and angsty, it is still easy to listen to at a live show. The trio brings a great deal of energy to their set, and they’ve built a strong rapport with their fans. Although they’re somewhat similar to other alt rock acts, their unique sound sets them apart from the crowd. With a mix of retro 80s synth grooves and dismal lyrics, IDKHOW have become an instant hit.

While their songs have received varying reviews, the band’s energetic performances have earned them a spot on the “Best New Bands” list. In the United States, IDKhow have a reputation for being accessible to mainstream audiences. Though the band is known for blending dismal lyrics with synth grooves, their live shows felt like a more established group. They performed three covers, including the popular “Nobody Likes the Opening Dance Band” from Panic! At the Disco.

Despite their similarity with other alternative rock bands, IDKHOW have a distinct sound that’s all their own. While there are several recognizable similarities between the band’s sound and other groups, iDKHOW has a more accessible vibe. Their set list feels like that of a well-established group, with several classic songs. The song list is varied, ranging from classic rock to pop covers.

Unlike some bands, IDKHOW have a unique sound. While their music is similar to other bands, it is also a unique band. The band’s songs blend 80s synth beats with dismal lyrics. It’s a distinct style. Formed in the UK, the band has a loyal following of fans and has sold out two headline shows in a row. They have been featured on several bill boards, but they aren’t as popular as other genres.

During my IDKHOW concert, I saw the band play their first live show. Despite their differences from other bands, they are highly regarded by critics. The band’s sound combines dismal lyrics and 80s synth grooves. The audience at the concert was overwhelmingly positive, and the band’s set list was a perfect fit for a night on the road. The three members of the band were a great fit for the show.

Despite the similarities, the music and stage experience of IDKHOW is unique. The band has been described as “angular and emoyant alternative rock” by critics. But the band’s live performance felt more mainstream and more accessible to a wider audience. The songwriting style is very distinctive, and it’s clear that the band’s chemistry with the audience is key to their success.

While IDKHOW has similarities with other bands, it is also unique in its own way. They have a strong rapport with the crowd and have a good rapport with their fans. Compared to other bands, IDKHOW’s music is dismal and angsty. Their songs have a dark and emo twang. They have the energy of a rock band.

At their shows, the band is known for its energetic stage presence. The band’s neon stage backdrop makes them stand out in a crowd. They played a show that was filled with a high energy, and the band was easy to follow. At one point during the show, the band performed three songs, and two songs were interpreted in different languages. During the set, the band’s set list included the band’s own songs and covers of other bands’ songs.

iDKHOW’s debut album, ‘Razzmatazz’, was released in November. The band’s songs mix glam and garage rock styles. iDKHOW has a strong presence on Spotify and has a dedicated fan base. They have also been playing a lot of festival shows this year. Their music is fun, empowering, and surprisingly diverse.

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