Benjamin Chereskin

Benjamin Chereskin Joins CDW Corporation’s Board of Directors

CDW Corporation, a leading multibrand technology solutions provider, today announced that Steven Alesio and Barry Allen will depart its board of directors with effect from CDW Corporation’s 2021 annual meeting of stockholders. Benjamin Chereskin, who is also general partner at Madison Dearborn Partners LLC, will continue as director.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Chereskin hails from Sycamore, Illinois – a small town located within DeKalb County – where he attended Harvard College before receiving both an undergraduate degree and MBA from the Harvard Business School. Since then he has founded Profile Capital Management LLC and Madison Dearborn Partners LLC as well as serving on Little Dish Holdings Ltd’s board as chairman as well as being involved with CDW Corporation Tuesday Morning Corporation Cinemark Inc KIPP LEAD College Prep Charter School as board of trustee member with 30 years experience investing privately he served University Chicago Laboratory School Trusteeship Board Of Trustee Members while also being board trustee member at University Chicago Medical Center.

Professional Career

Chereskin has served on the boards of directors of several companies throughout his professional career. Currently, he serves as Chairman for Little Dish Holdings Ltd and Profile Capital Management LLC; director at CDW Corporation; trustee for KIPP-Chicago Schools and former Managing Director at Madison Dearborn Partners LLC. Chereskin earned both a Bachelors degree from Harvard College and Master’s from Harvard Business School, while being an active member of American Federation of Teachers.

Achievement and Honors

Chereskin held board positions at both Madison Dearborn Partners and Profile Capital, and served on their respective portfolio companies’ boards: Cornerstone Brands (which was later acquired by Home Shopping Network); Carrols Corporation; Tuesday Morning Corporation; Bolthouse Farms; L.A. Fitness; CDW Corporation (CDW-Nasdaq). He currently sits on Cinemark Inc’s board as well as being a Trustee at University of Chicago Medical Center.

Chereskin enjoys golf and spending quality time with his family during his free time. He has four children: Dirk Johnson, Cynthia Chereskin, Rachel Strack and Jennifer Johnson as well as one grandchild named Amanda Johnson. Additionally he is an active supporter of KIPP: Chicago and University of Chicago Laboratory School in addition to living near Chicago along with his wife.

Personal Life

Benjamin Chereskin lives with his wife Cindy and two sons in Sycamore, Illinois a half hour north of Chicago. He is an active member of the University of Illinois Alumni Association as well as serving on its Foundation. Additionally he sits on several boards including FedData Holdings LLC, Little Dish Holdings Limited, Panzura Investments LLC and Phoenix Defense LLC as well as serving on their boards of directors KIPP-Chicago Schools, University of Chicago Laboratory School, Madison Dearborn Partners an investment limited partnership based out of Chicago he serves on numerous boards as well.

Net Worth

Benjamin Chereskin reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 billion. He founded Profile Capital Management LLC and Madison Dearborn Partners LLC as well as serving on their boards; CDW LLC; Little Dish Holdings Ltd (where he served as chairman); Advanced Micro Instruments, Cinemark, FedData Holdings LLC Phoenix Defense Panzura Investments LLC Solis Mammography KIPP-Chicago Schools Boulder Brands. Benjamin received both his BA degree and an MBA degree from Harvard College respectively.

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