Caitlin Covington Net Worth

Caitlin Covington is an influential blogger and social media influencer with a large presence on YouTube and Instagram, where she regularly shares fashion tips, beauty advice, lifestyle vlogs, and lifestyle vlogs.

She began Southern Curls and Pearls during her junior year of college as a way to document her daily life and passions in terms of fashion, beauty and fitness.

Early Life and Education

Caitlin Covington is an acclaimed lifestyle blogger and social media influencer with an expansive following on Instagram and a popular blog called Southern Curls and Pearls. Former public relations consultant Crawford Strategy hired her before she decided to dedicate herself full-time to her blogging and social media presence.

Her photos of herself and her family wearing fall-themed outfits have proved popular online, earning her the nickname of Christian Girl Autumn after a meme went viral on Twitter in 2019. As a result of this success, she has become a brand partner with numerous fashion companies as well as creating her own clothing line of cozy neutrals.

Her travels across the U.S. and abroad provide content for her blog and its 1.3 million readers who frequently follow her affiliate links for fashion, beauty, and wellness products. In addition, she generates additional income via sponsored posts on YouTube as well as its revenue-generating sponsored videos.

Professional Career

Caitlin Covington is a well-known lifestyle blogger and social media influencer with over 1 Million Instagram followers and 12,000 YouTube subscribers. She regularly shares travel, lifestyle and beauty advice on both platforms.

Southern Curls & Pearls is her signature blog, where she features fashion tutorials, lifestyle vlogs and her daily morning routine.

She has been involved with various viral memes on the internet. Most recently she was included in the Christian Girl Autumn meme by being tagged by someone on Twitter using this statement: “Hot girl summer is almost over; get ready for Christian girl autumn.” She finds this meme very amusing and enjoys its accompanying jokes.

Achievement and Honors

Caitlin Covington is an influencer, blogger, and social media personality best known for creating the viral meme “Christian Girl Autumn” that went viral earlier in 2019. She operates her fashion blog Southern Curls and Pearls as well as YouTube channel Southern Curls and Pearls; furthermore she was responsible for popularising “Christian Girl Autumn”.

She has also launched clothing lines, skincare brands and an online shop of her own and been featured on various television programs.

She boasts over one million Instagram followers. She has worked with various brands, such as Sixt car rental and Target, but only promotes products she strongly endorses and won’t accept money or gifts in exchange for posts – rather taking time to write honest reviews about her experiences.

Personal Life

Covington has fully embraced and profited from her viral fame in terms of her personal life. Hailing from North Carolina, the twentysomething Covington often posts updates regarding travel, lifestyle, beauty and fitness on both her blog Southern Curls and Pearls and various social media channels.

Covington stands apart from her counterparts by forgoing an agency’s services when negotiating contracts or finding promotional partners, telling Forbes she earned herself a free luxury car rental from Sixt by posting an Instagram photo featuring their logo tagging them in 2022.

Covington has attracted many fans thanks to her affinity for fall items such as pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots, which has earned her an Instagram following. Furthermore, Covington promotes brands she wears via LTK’s shopping platform by wearing them in Instagram posts, receiving commission from any sales.

Net Worth

Caitlin Covington is an influential blogger with an enormous online following, having created Southern Curls & Pearls blog and become an Instagram/YouTube lifestyle influencer.

Charlotte native Ashley Lee has since transitioned into full-time blogging and amassed a considerable net worth through her works and business ventures. Social media posts featuring her toned physique can often be found trending online.

She has earned endorsement deals with multiple notable brands and regularly appears in fashion campaigns. Although initially she wanted to work for a magazine post-college, when her blog saw such incredible growth she decided to dedicate all of her efforts into blogging full time. Recently she married Chris Dorsch in an intimate ceremony held in Charleston North Carolina attended by family and friends.

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