Can I Use My South African Law Degree Overseas

Many people want to apply their South African law degree abroad. But the problem is that South African legal degrees are not recognized internationally. While all South African Educational Institutions are registered, and offer the same level of education, the quality and reputation of individual institutions may vary. If you want to use your degree abroad, you will need to find out which ones are the most prestigious. You should also consider that every university and college in South Africa produces both high and low-rated qualifications, so it’s important to research the rankings of the different schools and universities you’re considering.

South African law degrees are internationally recognized. However, the qualifications you need to practice law in a foreign country differ. If you’ve been trained in a different country and have gained some experience, your degree may not qualify you for employment in the same country. You must apply to law schools in the countries where you wish to practice law, and it’s important to note that South African law degrees meet the requisite educational requirements.

A UNISA LLB degree allows you to sit for the Advocates Roll of the South African High Court and practice both branches of the law in South Africa. You need to be admitted to practice law in the country of your choice in the Rules of the Court of Appeals for Attorneys and Counselors at Law, and a UNISA degree is a recognized one. If you’re not sure how to apply for a visa to practice in a foreign country, consult the SRA website.

An overseas LLM degree is not recognised by the SRA. It should be noted that most LLMs completed in the UK do not qualify as qualifying degrees in South Africa. You can, however, apply for the Equivalent Means exemption which will allow you to practice law in a UK law firm. If you’re applying to the UK, you will have to complete at least two years of training in a law firm in the UK before you can qualify. Alternatively, you can apply for a Period of Recognised Training, which will also qualify you to practise in a UK law office.

An LLB from UNISA also satisfies the foreign country’s jurisprudence requirement. Those with an LLB from an SRA-recognised South African law school may use it to practice law abroad. There are no requirements to study or work in a foreign country. It will help if you have a few years of experience. If you are applying for a graduate job, it’s best to apply with an international LLM and a good accrediting agency.

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