Can you also take your wife’s surname?

Can you also take your wife’s surname?

Name right what name can you take at the wedding? Spouses can take the man’s maiden name or the woman’s maiden name after the wedding. The spouse, whose maiden name does not become the married name, can also prefix or add his maiden name or the previous name.

What does it cost to change my last name?

Changing the first name can cost up to 255 euros, depending on the effort, a changed surname can cost up to 1,022 euros.

What is an important reason for a name change?

Change of surname An important reason for changing a surname exists if the applicant’s legitimate interests outweigh other aspects.

When can I change my last name?

You can easily change your surname after a marriage or divorce. However, some people want to change their last name for other reasons or are very dissatisfied with their first name. A name change is also possible, but only if there are valid reasons.

Can I have my last name changed?

If you want to change your first name or surname – regardless of a wedding, divorce, adoption or the like – you must request this. The local registry office or residents’ registration office is usually responsible.

Can I change my surname at the age of 18?

After reaching the age of majority, the Name Change Act is authoritative. According to § 3 NamÄndG, a surname can be changed if there is an important reason. The responsibility for name changes according to the Name Change Act does not lie with the registry office, but with the lower administrative authorities.

Can I take my mother’s name at 18?

Changing the name of children of legal age after a divorce is therefore generally not possible. The fact that the adult child has no or a very stressful relationship with the parent whose name it bears is not sufficient for a name change.

How can I change my child’s last name?

In this case, changing the name of the children is only possible with the consent of the biological father. This must be given in front of a registrar or, if necessary, a notary. In all these cases, after the child has changed their name, the new surname becomes the new maiden name.

What do you need for a name change?

You must apply for the name change in writing to the competent authority. For minors, the legal representative makes the application. To change the name of an entire family, all that is needed is an application listing all those affected.

What do you need to change your name after divorce?

To change your name, you will need a divorce decree with a legally binding notice as well as an identity card or passport. If the name change is applied for at the registry office, a certified copy from the family register must be submitted.

Where do I apply for a name change?

Application to the authority required The name change authority in the city or municipality is responsible. Often it is the residents’ office or the registry office. You have to apply for the desired change of name in writing.

How can I get my maiden name back?

You can return to your maiden name at any time – or to any other family name or married name that you have already used. You can submit a corresponding application for a name change to the registry office responsible for you. To do this, you will need the legally binding divorce decree.

Where can I get my maiden name again?

After a final divorce, you can easily take your maiden name again. To change your name, you must submit an application to the registry office. You will need these documents: ID card or passport, certified copy from the marriage register, divorce decision with final notice.

What does it cost if I want to use my maiden name again?

The name change is chargeable. The prices vary greatly depending on which registry office is responsible for you. You can face costs between euros.

Can you take your maiden name again during the marriage?

e) Re-acceptance of a name during an existing marriage If the spouses did not determine a married name at the time of the marriage and one of the spouses has a family name acquired through a pre-marriage, the maiden name or the family name used at the time of the marriage of this pre-marriage can be used again …

Can you change your maiden name?

No. The maiden name does not have to be the current family name at the same time, as this can be changed through marriage or divorce. Can you change the maiden name? After a name change through marriage, the maiden name remains the same.

How long does a name change at the registry office take?

The German registry offices take different lengths of time from the application to the change, usually two to three months. At the registry office in Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Hellwig expects “several months”, depending on consultation with other authorities.

Can you take your maiden name again if you are widowed?

If you are legally divorced or widowed, you can reassume your maiden name or the name that you were using at the time the married name was determined.

Can you change the married name later?

If the spouses want to have a common family name later, a married name can be determined at the registry office. This declaration must be publicly certified. “Meier”, “Müller” or “Schmidt” can be used for the married name.

How can I subsequently take my husband’s name?

One partner takes on the name of the other – so there is a common married name that both have. If you accept this married name, you can prefix or add your previous name with a hyphen. You can also change your name later – after the wedding.

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