Can you put a large letter in the mailbox?

Can you put a large letter in the mailbox?

If you have glued the correct postage on it, you can also throw it directly into the mailbox. The maxi still goes exactly through the slot, otherwise there is no longer a maxi. If you have franked it sufficiently … well, of course you can. There are also post boxes in which the maxi letter does not fit.

How do you write the address on a large envelope?

The sender’s address is shown at the top left. Enter the recipient’s address at the bottom right. Place stamps or another type of franking in the upper right corner.

What should you watch out for when sending goods?

The consignment of goods may only contain the goods themselves. In addition, you may only enclose invoices, delivery notes and other documents with the shipment that explicitly relate to the goods. Personal messages or objects are not permitted as enclosures.

What is a maxi letter?

With the maxi letter you can comfortably send up to 1 kg. The most important shipping terms of the maxi letter: length up to 35.3 cm, width up to 25 cm, height up to 5 cm (e.g. envelopes or shipping boxes up to DIN B4). Weight up to 1,000 g.

Were international in the letter?

What content can still be sent in letters internationally? Only documents can be sent in international letters. Documents are written, drawn, printed or digital messages and information. The shipments may not contain any goods.

How do I send goods abroad?

You need to fill out a customs document when sending a package abroad. This includes a description of the goods, the value and nature of the goods – in other words, whether it is a gift, personal item, or something they sell.

What is an international large letter?

Note: Since then, it has only been possible to send documents abroad in letters. The jumbo of letters: send documents, theses or magazines with the international maxi letter up to 1,000 g. …

What can I send duty-free to Switzerland?

The good news: Private gifts of up to CHF 100 (100 Swiss francs are around 90 euros) can be sent duty-free in Switzerland. This means: the recipient does not have to pay any import taxes. As the sender, you still have to enclose a customs declaration with the gift package.

What does it cost to send books abroad?

International press price list ** Dimensions * PriorityL: min. 14 cm W: min. 9 cm L + W + H: max. 90 cm to 500 g € 3.70 buy brand L: min. 14 cm W: min. 9 cm L + W + H: max. 90 cm to 1,000 g 7.00 € buy tokens L: min. 14 cm W: min. 9 cm L + W + H: max. 90 cm to 2,000 g 17.00 € buy token

How much does a book shipment cost?

Consignment of books and goodsProductDimensions and weightPrice Consignment of books and goods 500Length: up to 35.3 cm in width: up to 25 cm in height: up to 5 cm Weight: up to 500 g1.90 EUR Consignment of books and goods 1000Length: up to 35.3 cm in width: up to 25 cm in height: Up to 5 cm weight: up to 1,000 g 2.20 EUR

How much does it cost to send books to France?

Dispatch of goods with international goods mail Product prices 1) Weight International goods mail XS € 3.20 up to 500 g International goods mail S3.70 € up to 500 g International goods mail M € 7.00 to 1,000 g International goods mail L € 17.00 up to 2,000 g 1 more row

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