Can you still study if you have been de-registered?

Can you still study if you have been de-registered?

Most of the time it is possible to continue studying. In many cases, however, a change of subject remains unavoidable. It is possible that you are already banned from your degree program nationwide. Studying the same subject at another university is then not an option.

What is forced sex enrollment?

Because forced de-registration means that you have to give up your studies. This can be for a variety of reasons, but in most cases it means that you now have to find a plan B for your life, because you are now banned nationwide for your degree program.

When do you lose the right to take an exam?

If you have finally failed the exam, you will lose your right to take the exam. This means that you are no longer allowed to study the same course of study at a (technical) university in Germany. The loss relates to the corresponding course of study.

Will you be de-registered if you don’t take an exam?

You will be de-registered at the latest if you have not passed a second repeat examination (third attempt). Since you have 1 year to repeat an examination and half a year later you have to take the third attempt, you could study for a maximum of 16 semesters until you are de-registered.

What happens if you definitely fail an exam?

If you fail a binding third attempt, you lose the right to be examined for your degree program and you are no longer allowed to study it. Your examination office will then send you a corresponding notification and initiate de-registration.

What happens if I deregister?

The course always ends with de-registration. This means that student status expires and studies at the relevant university are officially ended. Various reasons can lead to de-registration.

When does student status end?

The course in the sense of the working student privilege ends with regular termination at the end of the month in which the student was officially informed in writing of the overall result of the examination. This means the receipt of the provisional certificate sent by post from the examination office.

How long working student status?

Semester not exceeded. It is also important that the 26 week rule is followed. This means that the working student may work more than 20 hours per week for a maximum of 26 weeks per year, e.g. during the semester break or during a compulsory internship.

When does the working student privilege end?

The student receives written notification of the examination result at the end of his / her studies on. Thus, the working student privilege ends.

Until when are you a working student?

Legal framework as a working student. You have to be enrolled full-time at a university or in a technical training course and you are not allowed to have your degree yet. You are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week during the semester (see exceptions).

How long can I work as a working student?

If you work more than 20 hours a week on the weekend, in the evening, at night or during the lecture-free period (semester break or corona-related closure of the university), the 26-week rule applies: You remain a working student if you have ( not calendar year) a total of a maximum of 26 weeks (…

Who can be a working student?

A working student must, among other things, be enrolled at a corresponding university or technical college, study fully and may only work alongside their studies.

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