Can you study in England?

Can you study in England?

Great Britain and in particular England is one of the most popular study regions for German students. In addition to the universities, there are a number of higher education colleges in Great Britain. In contrast to universities, these offer courses with a strong practical orientation.

What do I need to study in England?

generally be enrolled in at least one university. in the undergraduate area, the Abitur and, if necessary, the participation in certain courses in the bachelor’s degree. in the graduate field, a first academic degree such as a bachelor’s degree and enrollment in a master’s degree.

Can you study in England with a high school diploma?

The Abitur is normally recognized as a general requirement, i.e. as a basic requirement for studying in Great Britain. Some polytechnics and colleges of higher education also accept the advanced technical college entrance qualification as a general requirement.

Is the German Abitur recognized in England?

Anyone who has completed a master’s or a good bachelor’s degree can continue studying up to a research-based doctorate. The German Abitur or Fachabitur is a requirement for undergraduate studies in Great Britain.

Where can you study medicine in England?

In October, Julia will start her medical studies at Imperial College London, which ranks fourth in the UK university rankings behind Cambridge and Oxford (source: Times 2015 University Guide). So your dream of studying at a top English university has come true.

How long does it take to study medicine in England?

The course ends with the title Bachelor of Divinity with Honors (BD (Hons)) and is equivalent to the state examination in medicine from Germany or the Master’s degree in Belgium or the Netherlands. Duration of the course: The entire course lasts 6 years, which then includes a so-called Foundation Year.

Where is the cheapest place to study medicine?

The cheapest way to study dentistry abroad is – as in human medicine – Romania with just 5,000 euros tuition fees per year. Due to the outdated equipment and the large courses, we do not recommend studying dentistry in Romania.

How much does a medical degree cost?

The costs range between €6,000 and €11,500 per semester. All information about the costs and the requirements at the private university can be found in the article: Study medicine at the private university.

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