Chris Cillizza Net Worth

Chris Cillizza is an award-winning journalist who contributes regularly to The Washington Post and CNN. Since starting The Fix blog in 2005, Cillizza has built up an excellent reputation for fast, insightful political analysis specializing in American electoral politics such as gubernatorial, congressional and presidential races.

He hosts Politics and Pints, a monthly trivia contest, as well as The Fix live chat every Friday evening. At an average height and bodyweight, he enjoys making people laugh with his comments.

Early Life and Education

Chris Cillizza became one of CNN’s political commentators before becoming a daily columnist for The Washington Post’s political blog The Fix, as well as covering campaign politics from White House level campaigns for Roll Call and reporting from White House level campaigns for Roll Call. Chirs originally intended on becoming a novelist; later changing career path and investigating legislative issues instead.

He is married to Gia and they share two children. He hails from both Sicilian and Irish ancestry and currently resides in the United States with his family.

He attended both The Loomis Chaffee School – an independent boarding school in Windsor, Connecticut that he jokes is for “the rich” – and Georgetown University from 1994-1998. Born February 20th 1976 he now resides in Falls Church Virginia USA.

Professional Career

Cillizza has amassed an impressive fortune and boasts two children of his own. As an influential contributor for several prominent news organizations, he is well known for providing insightful analysis of current affairs.

After attending The Loomis Chaffee School (known humorously as The Loomis Chaffee School for Rich Kids) in Windsor, Connecticut, Chris began working for Roll Call as their White House correspondent before later switching over to The Washington Post and The Cook Political Report.

He began The Fix blog in 2005 and regularly wrote for it until joining CNN on April 3, 2017 as a political reporter and editor-at-large. At CNN he provides commentary on congressional, gubernatorial, presidential elections as well as serving as co-host of The Tony Kornheiser Show.

Achievement and Honors

Chris Cillizza was born in the United States of America on 20 February 1976 and works as a journalist and political commentator for CNN. Additionally, he regularly contributes to The Fix blog of Washington Post daily political blog and was previously MSNBC Political Analyst/Co-host Tony Kornheiser Show.

At first he worked as a reporter for Roll Call before going on to become White House Correspondent for The Washington Post and coverage gubernatorial and congressional races for Cook Political Report.

In April 2017, he joined CNN where he serves as political reporter and editor-at-large, covering national politics from White House to Congress and every district they represent.

Personal Life

Cillizza lives with his wife Gia and two children in Falls Church, Virginia. He hails from Sicilian and Irish ancestries, was born February 20, 1976 in America, attended an independent boarding school that is fondly remembered as “Loomis Chaffee School for the Rich”, before studying English at Georgetown University from 1994 – 1998 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Before joining CNN in April 2017 as a political reporter and editor-at-large contributing online and on television. Before starting at MSNBC for eight years, he served as a White House correspondent for Roll Call before covering gubernatorial and congressional races at The Washington Post before starting his blog called The Fix and joining CNN as political reporter and editor-at-large contributing online and on television.

Net Worth

Chris Cillizza has long been employed in the media industry, amassing an impressive fortune through his efforts as a political commentator, analyst, and journalist. His annual income stands at more than $100k.

He has worked for numerous acclaimed media outlets and served as a regular panelist on shows such as Meet the Press and MSNBC. Additionally, he wrote for The Washington Post as well as founding an on-going political weblog known as The Fix.

He currently works as an editor-at-large and politics reporter at CNN, covering federal politics from the White House down through each congressional district. He’s also a regular co-host on The Tony Kornheiser Show and lives with his wife Gia in Falls Church, Virginia with their two children.

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