Clifton Collins Jr Net Worth

Clifton Collins Jr is an accomplished actor who has garnered critical acclaim and amassed significant wealth through his performances.

Clifton was born under the Gemini sign and is an accomplished performer with strong emotional depth. He has managed to break out from stereotypical roles by portraying three-dimensional characters in his films.

Early Life and Education

Clifton Collins Jr was born June 16, 1970 and boasts over 100 acting credits between film and television. A talented actor who transcended Latino stereotypes, Clifton Collins Jr has collaborated with some of the greatest directors in Hollywood.

Acclaimed for his performance as Francisco Flores in the 2000 film Traffic, his performance earned critical acclaim and recognition from audiences everywhere. Furthermore, he is recognized for his roles on television series such as Crisis Center and Thief.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, he hails from a German-Mexican heritage. His father Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez was an established character actor who appeared in many Western movies; while his younger sister works as a casting director.

Professional Career

Clifton Collins Jr has garnered numerous honors during his illustrious career as both an actor and film producer. Featuring in over 130 movies and television shows, he is recognized for being versatile enough to fill both lead and supporting roles with ease.

He specializes in crime dramas, having worked with such directors as Steven Soderbergh, Terrence Malick, and Ridley Scott. Additionally, his special talent lies in portraying complex characters with defying stereotypes – something Steven Soderbergh, Terrence Malick, and Ridley Scott all know something about.

His work has earned him recognition and awards, such as a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Traffic, as well as one from Primetime Emmy Award for Thief. Additionally, he directed a music video for Zac Brown Band.

Achievement and Honors

Clifton Collins Jr is an adept actor who can transform into any role with ease. As a Gemini himself, his easygoing yet highly intuitive nature helps him excel as both an actor and producer.

His acting skills have earned him widespread respect and critical acclaim, appearing in multiple noteworthy movies like Traffic (2000), Capote (2005) and Babel (2006).

Collins has also appeared on numerous TV series such as Walker, Texas Ranger, Alias, The Shield and CSI: New York. As he speaks both English and Spanish fluently, this has allowed him to participate in global projects. Furthermore, he directed two music videos for country band Zac Brown Band.

Personal Life

Clifton Collins Jr is an esteemed television actor who has earned widespread renown and critical acclaim for his outstanding acting talents. His dedication to his craft and pursuit of excellence have allowed him to make a considerable mark in the entertainment industry.

He has appeared in films like Traffic, Capote, Babel and Star Trek; television series such as Walker, Texas Ranger Resurrection Blvd Alias have also featured him prominently.

Collins is an attractive athletic man with an attractive physique, boasting black hair and dark brown eyes. An American citizen, Collins currently resides in Los Angeles. In his private life he keeps to himself; however, his younger sister Colline Rooney serves as a casting director.

Net Worth

Clifton Collins Jr has managed to achieve both fame and success without losing his humility or sense of community spirit. His talent is put to good use producing documentaries which promote Latinx culture and immigration issues; additionally, he gives back by supporting various charities.

His acting talent has earned him critical acclaim and an impressive net worth.

Collins boasts a lean frame that makes him adept at portraying various roles. Due to his fluid movement on set, he can even pull off physical fight scenes with ease. Once married to Megan Ozurovich, Collins has since been linked with Bridgetta Tomarchio, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Sarah Blondin and Taryn Manning as romantic partners.

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