Courage to the Core: Why Lado Okhotnikov Is a Revolutionary in Character

Lado Okhotnikov is a technology guru, businessman and uncompromising blockchain evangelist. He does not see a single area in which state officials would be needed and if he had power he would put absolutely the entire business on smart contracts.

He boldly challenges conventional wisdom about the reality around us. His project “Metaverse” promises to turn over not only the traditional view of the world around us but our whole life as a whole. But the topic of the interview today is more about the future of the economy. Is Lado going to go further and promote the introduction of cryptocurrency in the sphere of financial relations?

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Lado, we know about your colossal project called the Metaverse where you promise to show a combination of real and virtual life. This is really interesting but the question is different: tell me, are you going to go further, that is, to promote the implementation of cryptocurrency into the economy?

I want smart contracts to replace key government functions and then blockchain technologies will become an integral part of any business from small to large. Demand for crypto technologies will be as natural as the internet these days. After all, at first we did not know what kind of sensation the global network could actually bring so we used it exclusively to watch the news and download pictures with cats. Now it is quite difficult to imagine any business without this important tool.

The introduction of cryptocurrency into the economy is not only profitable but also inevitable. And I am ready to help everyone who is not yet aware of the potential of the digitized world.

You believe in the blockchain so much as if you know something that we do not know. What is your opinion about crypto in general, is it currently in decline or is it a temporary phenomenon?

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular forced the world to reconsider the usual ideas about financial instruments and economic ties. No one knew whether this idea would remain a game or it would overcome the incredible path from a priceless thing to worldwide recognition. I was among the crypto enthusiasts, this is not a secret. Even then I knew that this product is capable of many things.

Bitcoin was a pioneer because it was able to overcome a lot of things. There was a time when 10,000 bitcoins were given for two pizzas, but now it seems fantastic. However, looking at the result one cannot fail to see how decentralization, technology and belief in the possibilities showed the real value of the product. I hope that many of us have already understood that the future and the present belong to truly decentralized cryptocurrencies that will turn all previous ideas about financial instruments upside down and change the world.

You mentioned crypto enthusiasts. Who are they? And why do you consider yourself one of them?

Crypto enthusiasts are those who understand the meaning and potential of what cryptocurrencies represent for the world. These people have a unique vision and skill; they see cryptocurrencies as more than just a new form of money.

The very word “crypto enthusiast” is no longer relevant as today more and more people realize the value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These are no longer just supporters of new technologies, these are people who understand and appreciate the potential underlying the blockchain. For example, I no longer consider myself an enthusiast since I have moved from words to actions: you can see this by how soon a large-scale project called the Metaverse should be released.

In the future cryptocurrencies will be used by everyone – from young to old, from novice investors to large corporations. This is no longer just a trend; this is a future in which cryptocurrencies will be as commonplace as cash.

Since you are planning to release such a comprehensive project that will affect all areas of life, then you must have a powerful ideology. Tell us about it, what drives you?

My worldview does not end with a simple set of rules and beliefs; there is a core inside me – a powerful engine that sets everything in motion. This is expressed in the idea that decentralization should be the basis for everything that is in the world.

Smart contracts and open source in a decentralized system is like the root of a tree that reaches deep into the earth to provide a solid foundation for growth and development. Without a transparent scheme we will not receive interest and accordingly we will not be able to make a revolution. People should clearly understand that white is white and black is black. And they should not see shades in it. That is, the conditions will be the same for everyone, regardless of whether you are poor or rich, educated or ignorant, specialist or handyman.

Now the cryptocurrency is probably not going through the best time due to global problems in the economy. The tension between the US and China can be seen with the naked eye. What is it? Is it a performance or a big game?

The current tension between the US and China is not just a performance but a real game in which world domination is put at stake. It is time for global changes and it is still unknown what they will be. However, the current administration of the states leaves much to be desired and is the most mediocre in the history of the country, which, in turn, stimulates the strengthening of China against the background of the weakening of the United States.

What is happening can be described as an exciting action game where the main characters challenge each other in a fierce struggle for leadership but at the same time it is a real game where the results can have serious consequences for everyone.

It turns out that it is not worth counting on any growth in the crypto industry until this crisis is resolved? What is the priority condition for growth – the financial strength of the state’s economic system or technology and specialists? Or is one without the other useless?

A crisis, no matter how big or small, will not dramatically affect cryptocurrency, because its peculiarity lies in its decentralized nature. As we know, bitcoin is not controlled by central banks or the government, which makes it less vulnerable to political and economic processes.

Moreover, cryptocurrency offers an alternative to traditional financial institutions, which makes this instrument attractive to investors. We need to wait and bitcoin will once again demonstrate its ability to grow. After all, everything moves cyclically, and this has been proven time and time again.

A striking example recently was the fall of three major U.S. banks – Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic Bank, Signature Bank. At the same time, bitcoin either did not react, or its rate, on the contrary, rose.

It looks like you are using a certain psychological concept. Can it be considered natural and intuitive for most people?

For me, as a person it is important to be sincere and genuine. My approach is based on maximum openness and honesty and I try to stick to this principle in everything I do. I don’t need to use any psychological tricks or imagery; I just do what suits my nature and my values.

It seems to me that being yourself is more important than trying to create some other image. This is the only way to build real, trusting relationship exactly those that I value above all.

You are a charismatic person, you are followed by people who are ready to imitate in everything. Thanks to what is it all?

My achievements have nothing to do with the work of any specific charismatics. I rather look for inspiration in various places, in wise books and practices that I have been able to learn.

Are there any personalities that you look up to yourself?

In my student years I used to submerge myself in the world of Mikhail Chekhov, whose talent is undeniable. Please do not confuse with Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Then thanks to the New Acropolis Philosophical Club I discovered invaluable sources of wisdom: Giordano Bruno, Tao Te Chin, Aristotle, Plato and the Bhagavat Gita. But, I cannot but mention other famous authors such as Krishnamurti, Castaneda and Zeland.

However, the main source of influence on me was the practice itself. No matter how highly these or those works are valued the real inspiration arises only when you start doing something yourself and then you analyze your mistakes and correct them. This is the only way to achieve mastery and become truly unique.

You are such a versatile person that it is easy to talk with you both about the weather and technology. I still want to know what is the meaning of life? Do you have an ultimate goal?

I can only tell one thing – the concept of the “life meaning” is just a fantasy that prevents a person from enjoying the life and perceiving it in its full diversity. By turning off the internal dialogue with the mind you can feel all the delights of life sincerely reveling in every moment.

In this case searching for the meaning of life is absolutely absurd because how can you look for the meaning in an already perfect and beautiful thing? Life is a unique masterpiece like a work of art which should be carefully preserved and improved. And every living person should strive for it and do everything to make the world even more beautiful.

Lado Okhotnikov: a revolutionary in character. He is not afraid and does things that others fear.

Our today Lado is ready to risk everything to achieve his goal. His courage and determination give rise to awe and amazement among those around him who are cautious and afraid of rash steps. He is steadily moving towards his goals despite possible difficulties and obstacles. His audacity and courage are the indispensable qualities of a leader who is ready to lead people to change and new heights and who is not afraid to go beyond standards and norms.

He does not claim to be the ultimate truth but we believe that each person will find its own way to happiness and success if he or she sticks to the Lado’s principles guiding by his values and taking into account the experience that life gives.

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