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Dan Dunsmore, an Educator, Has Passed Away

Dan Dunsmore left an emotional impression upon learning of his surprise visit from Dan and his brother with cancer, playing video games with them both and surprising them with such kindness. Their family was overwhelmed.

Muncie couple reported to police that an individual was parking his minivan illegally on Memorial Drive’s four lanes, obstructing traffic lanes and threatening their 17-year-old son with a handgun from its holster.

Early Life and Education

He is survived by his mother; sister Becky Dunsmore Finny; and numerous nieces and nephews. In addition, Merf remains by his side with their three children whom they visit several times each year.

Muncie, Indiana — When police responded to the 1900 block of West Memorial Drive on Muncie’s south side early Monday, they discovered a person shot in the chest who later succumbed at Ball Memorial Hospital.

Kye Weir of Glengowan Primary School in Larkhall was delighted to learn YouTube vlogger Dan TDM had granted their wish through the Make A Wish Foundation. Dan has amassed over 14 million subscribers and nine billion views for his Minecraft-themed channel on YouTube, filming this meeting as an additional surprise treat for fans.

Professional Career

Daniel Dunsmore has been teaching for more than three decades. Beginning at Carter High School in Knox County, Tennessee in 1979, he went on to work at Gordon High School, DeKalb County Georgia; Marist School Atlanta; Durham Academy Durham North Carolina and Free Union Country School before joining BRS staff as of 1998.

English teacher and chair of BRS English Department. Awarded for his teaching excellence multiple times, he is regularly featured at national educational conferences as a presenter and has received multiple teaching awards.

Drake attended Ankeny High School and Drake University, graduating as both tight end for Northwestern Wildcats’ football team and holding their single game receiving touchdown record.

Achievement and Honors

Erichs is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Master’s in Secondary English Education. As an educator for over three decades, Erichs has taught at various schools such as Carter High School in Knox County, Marist School Atlanta, Durham Academy Free Union Country School Albemarle County Schools; where he now chairs up their English department at Blue Ridge School as an English Teacher/Chief of Department Chairperson.

He was an outstanding educator who was highly esteemed among his colleagues, earning numerous accolades and awards. Additionally, his family life was immensely important to him – loved by grandchildren and great-grandchildren alike. He will be greatly missed. Among those left to mourn him are his wife Joanne, mother Nancy Dunsmore Finny and sister Becky Dunsmore.

Personal Life

Dan was a loving husband and father, enjoying camping and gardening as hobbies. Additionally, he worked as a land surveyor. Dan leaves behind his wife Linda; daughter Jessica Howe of New London; sons Troy and Elijah; five grandchildren (one great-grandchild); brothers Becky Dunsmore Finny, Ruby Turner, Kim Hodges Peggy Bryan and Linder Richardson as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Muncie police found Dunsmore shot in the chest when responding to reports of gunfire near Port Avenue on Muncie’s south side in the 1900 block of West Memorial Drive near Memorial Drive on Monday. He later passed away at Ball Memorial Hospital pending further investigation of this incident.

Net Worth

Dunsmore is an actor with an estimated net worth of more than $2.5 million and owns two duplex properties located at 234 Sharpe Street in Wyoming, PA 18644 which have 2,628 sqft of living space and were last sold for $110,770 in June 2009.

His widow, Sheena; daughter Angela and son Hayden as well as one granddaughter and two great-grandsons (along with one great-granddaughter); siblings as well as numerous nieces and nephews are left behind to cherish his memory.

Dunsmore recently made her TIFF debut in the vampire dark comedy Kicking Blood, directed by Blaine Thurier and co-written with Leonard Farlinger. Starring alongside Dunsmore are Alanna Bale, Luke Bilyk, Vinessa Antoine and Ben Sutherland; New Real Films and Generativity Productions will release it nationwide later this fall as it is based on Michael Nader’s novel of the same name.

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