Daniel Reisner

Daniel Reisner is a Partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman

Reisner served as head of the Israeli Defense Force’s International Law Department during an eventful and influential career, becoming engaged in numerous important negotiations and summits, most notably those with Jordan and Palestinians.

Reisner is currently a partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman, Israel’s premier international law firm, where he heads its public international law, defence, and homeland security practices.

Early Life and Education

Reisner is widely recognized as one of Israel’s foremost experts on public international law, having served for 19 years with both government and military agencies; for the last decade as head of their International Law Division for 10 years alone. At Herzog Fox & Neeman he now heads their practice area of Public International Law, Defense & Homeland Security.

He has served on Israeli peace-negotiating teams in three roles – negotiator, legal adviser and drafter – since Yitzhak Rabin. Furthermore, he holds fellowships at two of Israel’s premier private research centers, publishes extensively and lectures often.

Reisner is an artist renowned for creating stunning public sculptures for urban environments. His bronze statue of George Floyd went viral after his untimely passing, showing the power of art to bring about change.

Professional Career

He has extensive experience representing employers in traditional labor matters for both public and private sector clients, in addition to complex wage and hour issues, employment discrimination claims and labor arbitration proceedings.

Reisner is a partner at Herzog Fox & Neeman where he leads its Public International Law, Defense & Homeland Security practice. Widely considered one of Israel’s leading Public International Law experts, from 1995-2004 he headed the Israel Defense Forces’ International Law Department where he provided counsel and advice to Israeli leadership on various international law related matters. Parallel with his professional success he also has maintained an active academic career; publishing numerous academic works as well as lecturing extensively on an array of issues.

Achievement and Honors

Reisner is one of Israel’s premier practitioners in public international law and the Middle East peace process, having headed up Israel Defense Forces’ International Law Department from 1995-2004 and being one of the partners at Herzog Fox & Neeman law firm.

He has provided guidance to numerous senior Israeli government officials, such as Prime Ministers Rabin, Peres, Barak, Sharon and Olmert and participated in the negotiation of numerous international agreements with Palestinians and neighboring Arab States. Furthermore he is one of the foremost experts on legal aspects related to new technologies and counterterrorism.

Reisner has received extensive media attention for his sculpture work, which is inspired by an inner source of art that must first remain hidden before emerging fully into consciousness and being manifested into material form. Furthermore, Reisner acts as counsel for Israeli companies targeted with boycott, divestment and lawfare campaigns.

Personal Life

Reisner has produced several outdoor sculptures for urban spaces, including an homage to late musician George Floyd that resonated with both the public and his family – proof that art can truly change lives!

Reisner is widely recognized as an expert in Public International Law, Defense and Homeland Security law having served for 19 years as Head of Israel Defense Forces Legal Division International Law Branch and currently as Partner at Herzog, Fox & Neeman.

Kim holds her Summa Cum Laude degree from SUNY Oswego and spent many years working as both an early childhood teacher and administrator in early education programs. Additionally, she holds her Life, Accident & Health insurance license in NYS and enjoys working with highly motivated corporate professionals looking for increased efficiency and accountability in their financial planning strategies.

Net Worth

Daniel Reisner specializes in complex products liability and commercial litigation across federal and state courts nationwide, in addition to patent due diligence services and transactional matters.

John Lloyd transformed archaeological practice with rigorous deductive reasoning and meticulous documentation – his teams kept “dig diaries,” register books, and took 45,000 glass-plate negatives of images taken of glass-plate photo negatives taken around Middle Egypt sites before expanding his methods to survey cemeteries surrounding Giza Pyramids as well as Nubia (modern Sudan) south of the First Cataract.

Reisner was frequently called upon by Israeli military and civilian leadership on matters pertaining to international law, national security and operational security. He served on multiple peace delegations and attended summits such as Camp David; in 2021 his net worth was estimated to be over $1.5 billion.

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