Daphne Guinness Net Worth

Daphne Guinness Net Worth

Daphne Guinness is an English-Irish socialite, singer, and fashion designer. She was born on November 9, 1967 in Hampstead, London, England, and is a direct descendant of Arthur Guinness, the famous 18th-century Irish brewer. As an actress, she has starred in several films, such as the 2010 film Shakki. In addition to acting, she is a producer, singer, and fashion designer. Her net worth is estimated at $100 million, which makes her one of the most wealthy celebrities in the world.

Daphne Guinness’ father is Jonathan Guinness, the third baron Moyne, who is the owner of a brewery. Ingrid Wyndham, his first wife, had three children from her first marriage: Valentine Guy Bryan, Aster, and Thomas. On her parents’ death, her inheritance was added to hers. The family subsequently moved to New York City, where Guinness became an art collector. She is also a fashion designer, and owns a clothing line.

She has a number of assets, including a four-bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue. In 2008, she auctioned off a portion of her closet to help raise funds for the organization Womankind Worldwide, which deals with women’s issues. Additionally, she has donated to a number of smaller charities. Since 2010, she has appeared on the front cover of Vogue Italia, Zoo Magazine, and the Tatler magazine.

Daphne’s net worth is largely earned through her work as an actress, singer, and fashion designer. However, she has also been involved with other businesses, such as a make-up line for MAC cosmetics and an independent film production company. During her teenage years, she spent time in an artists’ colony in Spain. And she is a close friend of American pop star Lady Gaga.

As an actress, Daphne has appeared in a variety of films, such as The Murder of Jean Seberg, which she starred in with Joe Lally. She also starred in a short film, The Legend of Lady White Snake, which is based on an ancient Chinese legend. She has been on the International Best Dressed List since 1994. Besides acting, she has also produced several music videos and released many songs.

She has worked with numerous designers and fashion houses, including Isabella Blow, Gareth Pugh, NARS, and Karl Lagerfeld. She has been involved with fashion and style for more than a decade, and her designs have become extremely popular. One of her most recent collaborations was with MAC cosmetics.

She is the daughter of the brewery heir Jonathan Guinness, and the granddaughter of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who is a philanthropist and founder of the Institut Francais in Paris. She has also been married to Spyros Niarchos, a Greek shipping magnate. Their marriage was a success, and they had three children. However, they divorced in 1999. Although it is unknown why they ended their relationship, there are rumors that they paid a settlement of $20 million.

Daphne has a large following on Twitter, with more than 81K followers. She has a Facebook page with more than 34K followers, and her Instagram account has over 25,000 followers. With these resources, it is easy to see why she has a large net worth.

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