Design Tips To Attract More Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

There are many ways to attract more visitors to your exhibition stand, but these are just a few of the most common ways to do this. Sitting at your stand will increase attendance and encourage them to listen to the information. To encourage people to stay as long as possible, you can provide charging points for laptops and mobile phones. These tips should help you create a memorable exhibition stand.

Promotional giveaways

You can use free Wi-Fi at your trade show stand as a way to generate more traffic to your exhibition stand. Give out a sign-up form so that visitors can opt-in to receive follow-up communications after the show. Even though free promotional products may not attract as many people, they are more likely attract people who are interested to your trade show stand. This will help to filter out non-interesting guests.


You should consider your existing customer base, as well as maximising the size of your stand. You should inform your customers about your participation at the exhibition. Invite them along. If you have good relationships with your customers, they will likely support your efforts at the show. However, don’t focus too much on current customers, as this will mean you neglect potential new customers. These customers can lead to new sales and leads.


Lighting is an important aspect to consider when setting up an exhibit stand. The right lighting can help you display the advertising messages you wish to convey and set the mood in your entire display area. The wrong lighting can distract from the most important aspects in your brand message. Here are some tips to help design an exhibition stand with effective lighting. Read on to learn how to enhance your exhibition stand with lighting.

Persona mapping

Persona mapping can help you increase your exhibition design success. Exhibitors often have specific goals and target audiences. By mapping your visitors’ behavior to their individual personas, you can maximize the chance that your stand will be seen by the right people. Large events often have separate days for trade, press, and the general public. For each audience group, you can write down their specific actions, thoughts and emotions.

Optimising exhibition space

The first step to attracting more exhibition visitors is to optimise the space you have available. You can check with the event organisers to confirm the exact dimensions of the area allocated for your stand. You should ensure there is ample room for staff and customers to move around. A meeting area at one end of the stand is a good idea. Maximizing head height is also important – it’s a good idea to raise your exhibition stand higher than the ground.

Digital signage

You already have a great deal of the groundwork done, but it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your company to the world. Half of the work has already been done for your company! Your exhibition is already attended by delegates who have paid for it. Why not take advantage? Digital signage can help you beat even the most powerful competitors if you use the right techniques.

Interactive touch screens

Using Interactive touch screens to promote your business or exhibition stand can be a great way to grab more attention from your customers and visitors. Interactive touch screens can be integrated into panels, tables, or walls to create a customized experience. Interactive touch screens can display everything from product information to games that engage and entertain visitors. Visitors can interact with interactive displays to make it easy to spread the word about your company and exhibition stand.

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