Discuss How Historical Context Affects Our Understanding Of Scout

Discuss How Historical Context Affects Our Understanding of Scout

In Scout, Harper Lee challenges the reader to consider the character’s social and cultural context. Scout, a young girl, is expected to conform to the society’s standards for women of that time. In fact, she finds it difficult to conform to these standards. In the novel, she makes a number of observations about women that illuminate the problems and opportunities faced by women in her community.

This story shows the impact Aunt Alexandra’s influence had on Scout’s personal and social development. Although her influence is indirect, she exerts strong feminine influence on Scout. While the Aunt attempts to guide Scout, she often criticizes her behavior and discourages her from doing things she isn’t comfortable with. Eventually, Scout begins to respect her aunt, who handles the crisis in a sensitive manner.

The Scout is not the only person affected by racism. His interactions with other people are also influenced by his historical context. This historical context is evident in Scout’s relationship to his Aunt and Calpurnia in the novel. This contrasts with Atticus’ treatment of Tom Robinson, who was accused of a crime based on his skin color. As a result, Atticus approaches Scout for help in winning his case.

Scout is also a tomboy and struggles with social expectations. She is constantly reminded by her friends to act like a lady. Scout is a fighter and dresses differently to other girls her age. Scout also asks people questions that make them embarrassed and makes them think about their actions.

In another instance, Scout tries to defuse a mob by helping the man accused of rape, Tom Robinson. Atticus refuses to leave his client, even though the town is not happy with the situation. This allows Scout to diffuse the situation. However, Scout is ultimately unsuccessful in her efforts to save her father’s honor. She argues against the mob by talking to the father of a classmate.

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