Dj Mustard Net Worth 2021

DJ Mustard Net Worth 2021

Having released three albums in his career, it is no surprise that DJ Mustard is a successful artist. His music style and style of production has helped him earn a significant amount of money. He was estimated to have a net worth of $1 million at the time of his death. Read on to find out more about his life and career.

Drakeo The Ruler’s estimated net worth was $1 million at the time of his death

Known for his unique flow, Drakeo the Ruler was an American rapper from the West Coast who died in 2021. He was stabbed in the neck at a concert in Los Angeles. He died of his injuries, and was pronounced dead on Saturday, December 18 at 9 PM.

Drakeo the Ruler was 28 years old. He was on the bill at a concert in Los Angeles called Once Upon a Time in L.A. He was scheduled to perform with 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and The Game. The event was organized by Bobby Dee Presents and C3 Presents.

The concert was sponsored by Live Nation and a number of other organizations. The festival featured rap, R&B, and hip hop. There were several dozen performers.

Drakeo The Ruler’s salary

Known for his distinctive cadence, poetic word choices, and coded slang, Drakeo the Ruler was a rapper from the west coast. He was stabbed to death outside a music festival on December 19, 2021. His death was a tragic loss for fans and the hip hop community.

Drakeo the Ruler was born on December 1, 1993. He grew up in South Los Angeles, California. His mother was a single mother, and he attended Washington High School in nearby Westmont.

After graduating from high school, Drakeo attended college in California. He worked with several artists including Empire and Ketchy The Great. He released several mixtapes, which accumulated millions of views on YouTube. He has also won awards for his lyrics. He is considered to be one of the most inventive West Coast songwriters of the last decade.

Drakeo The Ruler’s music production style

Known as the People’s Champion of Los Angeles, Drakeo the Ruler was a legendary figure in the South Central rap scene. He was a founding member of the Stinc Team, a group of independent rappers who released a number of highly successful mixtapes.

In addition to being one of the city’s best rappers, Drakeo was also a self-made millionaire. He was born in South Central Los Angeles and raised by a single mother. He began participating in the hip-hop scene at a young age. In the beginning, Drakeo was involved in petty crimes and jailed before he reached his teenage years.

His music was loosely wound, and it felt as if he was changing the rules in real time. His lyrical genius and outlaw spirit were echoed by his music.

DJ Mustard’s third album

Known for his unique style of up-tempo, club-oriented production, DJ Mustard is a rapper and a record producer. He has collaborated with numerous artists from around the world, and has released three solo albums. He is also known for his frequent collaborations with rapper YG.

DJ Mustard was born Dijon Isaiah McFarlane on June 5, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is the son of a Jamaican father and an American mother. He is 67 inches tall and weighs 76 kg. He was named DJ Mustard by his uncle. Upon growing up, Mustard began DJing in clubs and at local hotspots.

Mustard started DJing as a teenager, and continued to do it throughout his adulthood. He has worked with several artists, including Tyga, Nipsey Hussle, and YG. He has also produced several records for R&B and R&B/Hip-Hop artists.

DJ Mustard’s personal life

Whether he’s performing live or hosting a concert, you’ll likely find DJ Mustard playing his music to his fans. A popular rapper and songwriter, Mustard has carved out a spot for himself in the music industry.

He’s earned numerous awards throughout his career. His debut studio album, Ten Summers, featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, was released in August 2014. He followed it up with the Perfect Ten album in June of 2019. Both albums reached the top ten of the Billboard 200 and spawned hits like “Ballin'” and “Don’t Hurt Me.” He has also collaborated with Tyga, Kid Ink, Ella Mai, and YG.

In August of 2013, Mustard released his first mixtape, Ketchup. Upon its release, he started to notice other artists’ interest in his work. He’s also been featured in several TV shows, including GGN: Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network, RapFix Live, and The Real.

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