Does it make sense to repeat the first class?

Does it make sense to repeat the first class?

“Voluntary repetition” is what it is called nowadays. According to this, a child who does not come along in the first or second grade can voluntarily repeat the school year after consultation between the teachers and parents, but does not have to.

How many times can you repeat first grade?

As a rule, you can repeat twice in the lower, middle and upper grades, but not the same class. After that you have to switch to a lower school type.

Can you stay seated in first class?

no. In the 1st grade the children do not stay seated – nothing appears in the certificate – grades 1-2 can be repeated voluntarily and it is not reflected in the certificate, only those who do not achieve the class goal of the 4th grade cannot repeat voluntarily, but there it is then to stay seated.

How often can you be reset in elementary school?

At the request of the legal guardian, a student is permitted to voluntarily repeat a class once while attending primary school.

How often can you stay seated at school?

How often can you stay seated? For grades 7 to 10, according to the School Act, you can only need a maximum of six years, which means staying seated twice. Exceptions are possible, however, if one can expect that a student will then still achieve a degree.

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