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Don Law founded Opera House Ventures LLC and built the concert venue in 1983. The concert promoter has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the live music industry and his move comes at a critical time for consolidation in the New England region. But what did he bring to the table that set him apart from the other big players in the market? This article explores the history and impact of Don Law, his career, and his company.

Don Law first got into music as a college student. In 1965, he managed the local band The Remains, who would go on to open for the Beatles at Suffolk Downs. In 1968, he became manager of The Boston Tea Party club. He recognized the loyalty of English bands by offering them more money and the opportunity to play in Boston. The Boston concert promoter was so impressed with the bands that he named his company after the event.

Don Law grew up in Dover. He attended Boston University and worked as a promoter for legendary local act The Remains, who opened for The Beatles at Suffolk Downs. In 1968, Law became manager of The Boston Tea Party club. He rewarded local bands with tours in the city and across the country. Later, he forged his own path by creating his own live concert company named Tea Party Concerts.

Don Law founded the Don Law Company in 1969. This prestigious organization has become one of the most popular concert promoters in New England. Since then, it has become one of the most important venues in the city. The company has been running since 1886 and was named after the historic Boston Tea Party. The name “Tea Party Concerts” is a tribute to the founder of the Don Law Company. The organization is one of the oldest and largest in New England.

Don Law’s first success was as a student at Boston University. He promoted the legendary local band The Remains. The Remains opened for the Beatles at Suffolk Downs in 1966. After graduating from college, Don Law began his career as a club manager. He also rewarded English bands for their loyalty to the cause by naming the company Tea Party Concerts. There are three reasons why Don’s efforts are so important.

Don Law’s success at the Boston concert scene are impressive. He has shaped the live music scene in New England for over four decades. His efforts are now helping to preserve the future of three Boston landmarks. But don’t let the past dictate your life. Don Law has been a key part of the Boston Live Music Community. So, if you are looking for a place to celebrate the past, consider buying a ticket.

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