Doug Collins Net Worth

Doug Collins is a multifaceted professional with an impressive resume. He has made waves both politically and militarily.

He boasts an excellent educational foundation, graduating from North Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Law. Additionally, he holds Master of Divinity credentials from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as well as Juris Doctor credentials from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.

Early Life and Education

Paul Douglas Collins (born 28 July 1951 in Christopher, Illinois), an experienced retired American basketball participant and coach, amassed a considerable net worth during his athletic career. Known for playing for Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers (where he received significant salary), where his earnings from these positions was considerable.

Apart from his athletic endeavors, Collins also dabbled in law and chaplain work to increase his wealth. Today he runs his own law firm: Collins and Csider.

Collins boasts a significant social media following, boasting more than 68k likes on Facebook and 3411 likes on Instagram. These platforms enable him to connect with a wide audience and spark meaningful discussions that help promote his work as a representative and increase his net worth.

Professional Career

Doug Collins is revered within professional basketball for his numerous contributions. From playing, coaching, analyzing and front office leadership roles on several NBA teams – his expertise can be found all across this arena.

Collins earned four All-Star appearances during his playing career at Illinois State University and Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA draft before eventually retiring due to injuries in both feet and left knee.

After retiring as an athlete, Collins transitioned into television analysis and commentary work. These activities, coupled with his law practice and real estate investments have significantly added to his net worth.

Achievement and Honors

Doug Collins has distinguished himself in multiple fields. As both player and coach in basketball, he earned numerous awards for his skill and leadership. Additionally, Doug served in the military providing spiritual guidance.

He attended Benton High School in Christopher, Illinois, where his skills as a basketball player caught the attention of college scouts. Following graduation he was recruited by Philadelphia 76ers and went on to have an incredible NBA career.

Collins has dedicated much of his life to military life, serving as chaplain. Additionally, he is well known as an influential politician representing Georgia’s ninth District in the House of Representatives and his commitment to both worlds provides him with unique insights.

Personal Life

Collins not only enjoys a flourishing career as a professional basketball player, but he also leads an exciting personal life outside of that realm. His primary concern lies with his family while also meeting professional and political obligations while earning substantial income through law practice, book sales, speaking engagements, and real estate investments.

Collins has distinguished himself throughout his career by serving in multiple capacities. Between 2007 and 2013, he represented Georgia’s 9th Congressional District as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Currently he represents his home state of Georgia as an American Representative in Congress.

Collins stands out with an impressive resume and dedication to military service. During the Iraq War he was deployed to Ballad Air Base as Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel with US Air Force Reserve Command; also serving as Senior Pastor at Chicopee Baptist Church as well as co-owning a scrapbook retail store alongside his wife.

Net Worth

Doug Collins has amassed an enormous fortune through his successful career as a sports coach and commentator. His professional achievements have won him respect from both coaches and commentators in basketball circles for over three decades of hard work and success in this profession.

Collins has also served as a broadcaster for various sports networks like NBC. Additionally, he commented on basketball games at both Olympic Games held in Beijing and London.

Collins currently works as a Representative, which affords him an attractive salary that contributes to his net worth. He owns properties across several states that have appreciated in value over time, as well as being married with two children living together in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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