Dustin Rhodes Net Worth

A Closer Look at Dustin Rhodes’ Net Worth

If you’re into professional wrestling, you’ve probably heard of Dustin Rhodes. He’s a legendary American wrestler who has competed in numerous leagues around the world, and has become known as an intimidating character. However, you might not know much about his background. Here’s a brief look at some of his most notable career highlights.

In his early years, Rhodes was known for his appearances in various pro wrestling leagues. By the mid-1970s, he was known as the “United States Heavyweight Champion,” winning three championships. He also appeared on the television series The Social Network.

During his later years, Rhodes went to school at West Texas State University. After graduating, he began working in the pro wrestling industry. He competed with the American Wrestling Association (AWA), and worked with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). During his time with WWE, he won eight championships.

Throughout his career, Rhodes earned over $3 million. This figure came from the many roles he’s played. It also comes from the endorsements he’s received. He’s been featured on a variety of different brand names, including NIKE. His wealth also came from his involvement with the NWA.

Rhodes started his professional wrestling career at World Class Championship Wrestling in 1967. He wore the popular yellow and black polka-dot outfit. Eventually, he joined the fastion Vullet Slub.

Rhodes later went on to work for Big Time Wrestling. His debut at World Class Championship Wrestling was a victory. Afterwards, he would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship two more times. That year, he also defeated Bobby Eaton and Bob Cook.

In his WWE days, he was nicknamed “Goldust” and became a formidable character. He also had a successful stint with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and teamed up with Barry Windham and Terrence Taylor.

Dustin Rhodes is a retired professional wrestler who died in June 2015. He was a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. At his death, he had a net worth of about $3 million. Most of his money came from his career, which included appearances on WWE shows and films.

Rhodes is a well-known figure on social media. He prefers to post sultry magazine covers, videos, and progress photos in the studio. Also, he is active on Twitter, and has been increasing his following in recent months.

Rhodes is the father of professional wrestler Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and his wife, Milena Martelloni, divorced in 2002. Their son, Cody, also joined the professional wrestling world. Several other Rhodes’ children were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rhodes is a veteran of many wrestling leagues, and his work includes managing Scott Hall. Throughout his career, he’s worked as a booker and trainer. Aside from his wrestling career, he’s been a consultant for WWE. As of 2019, he is a member of the All Elite Wrestling family.

Throughout his life, Rhodes has been a very powerful character, and his status has continued to change as time has gone by. Though he is a legendary figure in the world of wrestling, he is a controversial figure.

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