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Elegant pleated blinds offer the best sun protection for your home

After the long and dreary winter, we long for nice weather and more sunshine. The outside temperatures are currently rising gradually and are a good reason for more zest for life and a happy mood. However, with the arrival of summer it will definitely be hot here too. And not just outside. The high summer temperatures could even affect our living comfort. Soon it will also be uncomfortably warm at home because the sun’s rays hit the living space directly. In order to avoid intense solar radiation, you have to think about suitable sun protection for your own home. There are undoubtedly different options available for sun, light and privacy protection. Elegant pleated blinds have established themselves as the best option, which can also be adapted to your personal needs and individual room conditions. In today’s article we focus our attention on pleated blinds and are happy to report on the pluses of this aesthetic and practical sun protection at home.

Modern pleated blinds are characterized by numerous aesthetic and practical advantages.

Plissees bester Sonnenschutz zu Hause elegante Fensterverdunkelung in Grau modernes Wohnraum

Modern pleated blinds score with their practical functions in the interior

First and foremost, pleated blinds are good sun protection on the windows in our interiors. They are also known under the names of pleated blinds, pleated blinds or pleated curtains. All names can be traced back to one of their peculiarities. They can be pushed together very easily because they are made of thin, artificially folded fabric. These home textiles can easily be attached to different types of windows and also have simple operating modes. Their main function is to darken the room if necessary and to keep out the warm rays of the sun. They are made from opaque fabrics and therefore offer the perfect sun protection for interiors.

Elegant pleated blinds protect our four walls from strong sunlight.

Plissees beste Sonnenschutzideen für Zuhause modernes Wohnzimmer geschützt vor starker Sonneneinstrahlung

With matching pleated blinds, you can avoid overheated rooms at home and enjoy more living comfort in summer. This also saves energy! The pleasant coolness at home will also have a positive effect on your electricity bill, because on some days you don’t even need to turn on the air conditioning. In addition, the pleated blinds can also be used as privacy protection. They protect your privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbors or random passers-by.

Your privacy is well protected from prying eyes from outside.

Plissees beste Sonnenschutzideen fürs Zuhause guter Blickschutz vor neugierigen Blicken von draußen Wohnzimmer Dachschräge

A pleated blind inscribes itself seamlessly into any room design

In addition to the practical functions mentioned above, pleated blinds also have aesthetic ones and will definitely enrich your interior design. These elegant home textiles are made in different colors so that everyone can choose the right one for their interior. Among other things, the neutral colors are the most preferred ones, for example pleated blinds in white, beige, light gray and light blue are always in demand and are unlikely to go out of style. But there are also darker shades such as brown and even black. That means there is something for every style and taste! But it is important that the pleated blinds inscribe themselves seamlessly into your interior and enrich it aesthetically. This gives you an appealing ambience where you can linger, work and relax.

The best sun protection ideas for your home!

Plissees bester Sonnenschutz zu Hause Ideen für Zuhause Wintergarten und andere Räumlichkeiten

Pleated blinds can be used widely and can also be configured individually

However, these are not all the pluses of modern pleated blinds. We want to emphasize their wide use in different rooms. Whether you want to create a pleasant room atmosphere without a lot of sunlight in the living room or children’s room, or whether you want to work undisturbed in your home office, ultimately only depends on your own preferences. There are also chic models of pleated blinds for kitchens and bathrooms, for attic apartments, winter gardens and doctor’s offices. In short, you can find the right window shade for all personal needs and wishes. The good thing about it, however, is that you can configure your pleated blinds yourself according to your individual needs and wishes and order your made-to-measure pleated blinds online. All you have to do is follow the online measurement instructions, choose the model, material and color and your custom-made pleated blind will be delivered to you in a few days. You will also receive detailed instructions for assembly, which are actually simple and do not require any specialist knowledge.

With your made-to-measure pleated blinds, your home is well equipped and you are definitely well equipped for the coming summer, regardless of whether the weather is too hot or rather cool.

Benefit from our sun and privacy protection ideas!

Plissees bester Sonnenschutz zu Hause großer offener Raum grüne Plisseerollos an den Fenstern guter Sichtschutz

Find the most suitable pleated blinds for your living space online.

Plissees bester Sonnenschutz zu Hause dunkle Faltstores im Wohnzimmer

Plissees beste Sonnenschutzideen für Zuhause Sonnen und Sichtschutz in der Küche

Plissees beste Sonnenschutzideen für Zuhause am Dachfenster

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