Elias Looks Like Macho Man

The new look of Elias in WWE has some people talking. While it’s not clear whether the character will continue on Smackdown or Raw, fans can expect him to make a return in the near future. The macho man was last seen on WWE television on the July 19th episode. He was defeated by Jaxson Ryker in a match called Symphony of Destruction. But then, Elias disappeared from the scene after the match. So far, no one has heard anything about this character.

The rumors that Elias would return to the RAW brand have been going on for months now. Though his name has been floated over the past few weeks, the fact remains that he hasn’t worked in the ring in quite a while. He’s never made it to a dark match before, and he certainly didn’t pass Vince McMahon’s sniff test. The report sparked a number of reactions from fans, including some who hoped that Elias would be a modernized Macho Man.

The rumors are also fueled by a possible new character for Elias. He has been off the radar for months and hasn’t worked in the ring since his loss to Jaxson Ryker back in July. Despite his lack of a new persona, the actor is still on the WWE roster and his gimmick is in a state of flux. There are no concrete plans for Elias’ potential return in the near future. However, he’s been mentioned in recent weeks as a possible replacement for Randy Savage. If so, he’s not the one to change his look.

While there is a general consensus that Elias’s look is not the same as the one worn by Randy Savage, the reality is that his gear and hairstyle is similar. He’s wearing orange, white and gold trunks and matching wristbands. Compared to Savage, Elias’s look is a little more modern than the Macho Man of old. It’s unclear how much of this new look is a result of WWE’s new identity for the wrestler.

Elias’s gimmick was scrapped after the rumors that he looked too much like Savage. Despite the news that Elias’s gimmichick was “dead” for eight months, he was due to make a comeback in Wrestling, but it wasn’t confirmed until the WrestleVotes website published the video. It appears, however, that WWE did indeed want to have his old wrestler back, but their creative team had no real idea how to change his look.

While the current look of Elias in WWE is a recognizable one for the wrestler, his new gimmick was also controversial. It was revealed in the WWE 2K22 video game that the character would have a colorful trunk and matching wristbands. But Vince McMahon rejected this plan after he realized that his new gimmick looked too similar to Savage’s. Apparently, the macho-man’s look is a no-no.

Apparently, WWE has no plans to bring back Elias in the near future. Despite being a popular talent in the WWE, the character hasn’t had any good gimmick. In the end, it is a matter of whether it is a good gimmick for the character. Nevertheless, his gimmick is what separates him from Savage.

Although the two wrestlers share a similar look, Elias has been working in the ring since his first match with Jaxson Ryker on July 19. In the same match, he attacked Hardy with a guitar. He was disqualified from the match. Despite his brief return, he had to return as a regular employee. In September, he fought Randy Savage and was defeated by McMahon in the ‘Macho Man’ version.

Interestingly, Elias’ gimmick is very similar to that of Randy Savage. It is not just the style, but the way he dresses also evokes a macho look. The purple suit and black leather boots are both reminiscent of the famous wrestling legend. Similarly, the new gimmick is a copy of Randy Savage’s style.

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