Feel Like Makin Love Chords

Feel Like Makin Love Chords Tab

Are you looking to learn how to play “Feel like Makin’ Love” guitar? Then you need a good feel like makin love chords tab. Bad Company has arranged the chords and riffs to this song. Feel Like Makin’ love tab includes parts for electric and classic guitars. Additionally, this tab includes additional tracks for bass and drums. Below are the notes and riffs for this song.

GD x3 G Feel like makin’ lo ve

If you have a guitar and you want to sound better, try feeling like makin’ lo ve with GD x3 G. I’m sure you can imagine how that feels! What is it like to play this chord in your guitar? Let’s find out! Here’s a guide. Enjoy! As always, I would love to hear your feedback. Let me know if I missed something!

If you want to learn how to play Feel Like Makin’ Love on guitar, you need to know that this song is quite complex. It was written in D Major, which is the third most common major key. Pop songs are generally written in a major key, and D Major is no exception. This song has three main chords. They are all based on the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees. These chords are commonly used in pop songs, and they are all popular.

D / G / D / G (twice)

Although the D chord is the most popular chord on guitar, it is not the most exciting. It has a very dull tone and a stiff character. However, it does have the most interesting tone: the tone e. The e in the chord is what makes it so attractive. It is also a peaceful resolution.

D major’s dominant character, D major, is also weakening because it lacks a halfstep relationship between the tones. A second objection to this chord progression is that the D note is a filler. This, of course, does not sound very romantic, but it’s necessary for a countermelody. This chord progression also works as a parallel to the bass line.

A third common c minor chord is D x G. The C major chord also has a G bass tone, which is a natural sounding note. However, if you want to make it sound more like a romantic song, you can change the bass tone to a lower note. C major is another interesting chord shape. This chord is played with the little finger on the first string.

It can be confusing to some people to learn a chord using only a single note. Chord slashes are simply a way to bring out certain effects. You can leave them out, or use them to bring out different effects. You’ve probably noticed a difference if you played along with me the first time. It is possible that the tab site didn’t write the song in D. This would make the chord slashes unnecessary.


A complex chord progression is featured in the repeated chorus of Feel like Makin’ love. The vocalist alternates between minor and major tones, suggesting a moody underarching minor tonality. Each variation of the chorus represents an emotional state. The first variation emphasizes that love doesn’t always work. Later variations emphasize the idea that love can work when one person commits to the other.

The writing process for the chorus is complete. After deciding on the chord progression, write the verses and chorus. Then improvise the sung melody on top of it. Although the melody writing process can be difficult, trust your instincts and experiment with different ideas until you find the right song. The songwriting process is a creative process and can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

Chords for guitar

Learn the chords to Feel Like Makin’ love if you want to learn how it is played. This song is very complex and has a few more complicated chords that the average pop tune. The song is written in the D Major key, the third most common major key of all. Pop songs typically use the major keys because of the popularity of these chords. Feel Like Makin’ Love contains three major chords that are based on the 1st and 4th scale degrees, making it a popular choice. The song is also built off of the G and A major keys, which have their own popular chords.

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