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Feng Shui for the bedroom: What should the bedroom look like according to the Feng Shui doctrine?

The bedroom is probably the most intimate place in every house and also a very personal oasis. Because you can withdraw into the bedroom, be for yourself and review the events of the day.

design-the-bedroom-according to feng-shui-to-a-place-of-well-being

Since hectic and stress dominate everyday life in today’s modern times, it is very important to make the bedroom a place of well-being where you can recharge your batteries.

In other words, every person spends an average of 23 years of their life in their sleep. This shows how important the bedroom is for our well-being and health. Reason enough to furnish this special room of the house according to the rules of Feng Shui teaching.


This 4000 year old Chinese science aims to design living spaces in such a way that the life energy Chi, which is present everywhere in our environment, can flow in such a way that body and mind are positively influenced.

During healthy sleep at night, “our batteries are recharged”, the mind recovers and the body regenerates itself. That is why the bedroom should be free from all disturbing, harmful and sickening influences. It should help you sleep well and be a place of peace and harmony.
Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping. If this is not possible due to a lack of space at home, you should make sure that all devices are switched off before going to bed, all objects are neatly stowed in the room and the desk is tidy. Because any disorder has a negative effect on the subconscious and can disturb the nightly peace. Electrosmog should also be avoided in the bedroom. In this case, a so-called mains isolator is very helpful, as it switches off the entire circuit in a room as soon as the last consumer has been disconnected from the mains.

When planning a new home, it would be great to be able to determine the most convenient location for the bedroom in advance. There are some Feng Shui rules that should be observed: The following always apply: You should not build a bedroom

  • via garage and storage room
    opposite, next to, above or below the toilet
    next to, opposite, below or above the kitchen.

In Feng Shui, sleeping is considered a minor activity and is therefore classified as Yin energy. For this reason, the bedroom should also be in an area with little activity, preferably in the back of the house, away from the main yang activities, which should preferably take place in the front part of the house.
East and west are the most favorable points of the compass for a bedroom. South-facing rooms are to be avoided, as you cannot really relax there.

Ideally, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping


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