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Feng Shui in the kitchen: How do you design your own kitchen according to the Feng Shui rules?

In most cases, the kitchen is the heart of a house. It is one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui teaching because it symbolizes the topics of abundance, well-being and health in a figurative sense. A kitchen that is used often and with pleasure activates the chi of the apartment and people with invigorating and uplifting vibrations.
According to Feng Shui, functionality and clarity in the kitchen are important for a balanced and harmonious family life. It should be a cozy space where the residents want to spend a lot of time. That is why we have put together some important Feng Shui tips for you that could be useful when redesigning or redesigning your kitchen.
Feng Shui is based on the teaching of the five elements. Fire, water, earth, metal and wood should therefore always harmonize well with one another. The elements fire (stove) and water (sink) are present in every kitchen. Since these are two very strong elements, you should opt for a kitchen in a neutral, light and subtle color. White, cream, light gray and soft yellow are ideal. The same goes for the wall color. Bright and dark wall colors should be avoided in a Feng Shui kitchen. An example of this is the strong red, because it represents the element of fire. Used incorrectly, red can look particularly unfavorable and cause conflicts. Black, dark green and bright blue can also be very annoying, depending on the environment, year of construction and orientation of the house. If you are interested in a kitchen in such a color, it might not be wrong to call in a reputable Feng Shui consultant and ask him for advice. But you can’t go wrong with bright colors and natural materials. A few selected houseplants and fresh herbs in pots are also particularly suitable for most kitchens.
In a Feng Shui kitchen, the position of the stove is very important. Ideally, he should stand in such a way that the chef can see the doors and windows while cooking and, if possible, does not have his back to the door. If that is not possible, a mirror can help to observe doors and windows at least indirectly. A stove in the center of the kitchen, as in the so-called cooking islands, can seriously disturb the harmony. Therefore it should not be exactly in the middle of the kitchen.
Here you can find out where you can find the best place for the sink in your Feng Shui kitchen.





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