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For more light and a feeling of luxury at home and in the office

Nowadays everything in our everyday life is developing very quickly and dynamically. The rapid technical progress also requires new aesthetics. Modern people strive for an appealing ambience where they work and live. This means that it makes just as high demands on interior design at home as in the office. It has been a long-held wish of people that they treat themselves to the best of comfort and aesthetics all rolled into one. In your own four walls or at the workplace, it should definitely be modern, bright and cozy. Everyone wants to live and work in a comfortable atmosphere, where there is a lot of light and optical harmony. If all these wishes can be brought under one denominator, we want to check in the following.

moderne Wohnambiente

Lots of glass, simple shapes and a clearly defined room concept determine the modern living ambience

– Glass – the building material of the future
There is a special building material that architects and builders define as the building material of the future and that is without a doubt glass. It has been known to people for 7000 years and continues to fascinate them. The prospects for its use in modern contemporary construction are promising. If used skilfully, the glass even introduces a futuristic note into every building. The transparent building material conveys elegance, shows style and character. Modern man has a well-developed need for space, light and air. That is why he wants transparency in his living environment and also in the office. Glass partitions are very popular there, they have a positive effect on the working atmosphere in the office and ensure an appealing ambience. Wide glass fronts, glass panels and banisters in the office, sliding doors and glazed balconies at home allow a wide view and bring optical harmony. Pronouns say at this point: Yes, this is the future! Opponents would surely ask: But what do we do in the freezing winter and the scorching summer? We just want to explain a few facts to these people: Glass is durable and can withstand any weather. Now there are high-tech glass mixtures and these make the glass walls efficient on cold winter days, in summer they shield the living or working environment from the hot sun rays using built-in automatic darkening. In addition, the glass is acoustically safe. Can you ask for anything better than building material for the future? Barely!

Glas und Beton

Glass and concrete! This is what the future looks like!

Glass for inside and outside
For everyone who deals with room design, one thing is certain: it is not the dignified furniture and the noble accessories that create the cozy room atmosphere. You need a modern room concept that anticipates a lot of light and a feeling of luxury in the ambience. Interior doors made of brightly colored glass are strikingly beautiful, but no longer a satisfactory option. Nowadays, modern people want more nature in their own four walls, because their blossoms and lots of green refresh the rooms and soothe the eyes and soul. The tendency is to blur the threshold between indoor and outdoor areas. With a well thought-out use of wide glass fronts, transparent walls and glazed terraces, you can implement this trend in your own home and let the garden merge with the living spaces. Whether you opt for sliding glass doors that connect your balcony and living room or you want an elegant glass canopy on the terrace depends only on your preferences and personal preferences. However, it is important that you let nature into the house and enjoy it to the maximum in the sun and thunderstorms. Because in the modern home there should no longer be any barriers that obstruct the view. A contemporary room concept must be open and allow access to more light and pure air. You can treat yourself to this luxury today.

Diesen herrlichen Panoramablick können Sie täglich genießen

You can enjoy this wonderful panoramic view every day

So that none of this sounds too abstract or even futuristic, we have found the right contact for you when it comes to glass solutions for the home and office, for indoors and outdoors. Glaserei Thiel in Berlin offers you a wide range of products that leaves nothing to be desired. Here you will find satined or completely transparent glass, colored or crystal clear, and at a fair price. You can choose the best, what fits your ideas and what fits perfectly into your room concept. This brings you one step closer to your future-oriented home.
And that’s what we want to wish you!

Das moderne Zuhause beruht auf einem offenen Raumkonzept

The modern home is based on an open room concept, which offers the best perspective

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