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George Howard Brett (born May 15, 1953 in Glen Dale, West Virginia) was an acclaimed professional baseball player who spent 21 seasons primarily as third baseman for the Kansas City Royals, winning 13 All-Star selections and three American League batting crowns during that time.

Brett Davenport and Leslie Davenport are married, with three children–Jackson, Dylan, and Robin–residing with them in Mission Hills, Kansas.

Early Life and Education

George Howard Brett was born May 15th 1953 in Glen Dale, West Virginia to Jack and Ethel Brett; his brothers Ken and Bobby, both professional baseball players themselves, had preceded him into this world. Over time the family moved around until finally settling in El Segundo California where George attended high school.

After retirement, he remained involved with baseball by serving as vice president of the Royals and as interim batting coach and spring training instructor. Additionally, he co-founded a company which sells baseball equipment while raising funds for ALS research.

Brett Davenport and Leslie Davenport have three children together – Jackson, Dylan, and Robin. Since 1992 they have lived in Mission Hills of Kansas City, Missouri together.

Professional Career

George Brett stands as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, boasting an incredible 21-year career and 3,154 hits for the Royals over his entire tenure. Additionally, he is the all-time career hit leader and has three times been named American League batting champion.

Brett was raised by a sports-minded family that included Ken, his elder brother who pitched in the 1967 World Series at just 19 years of age; their brothers John and Bobby also enjoyed brief careers in minor league baseball.

Brett attended El Segundo High School before being selected in the Kansas City Royals second round (29th overall) baseball draft of 1971. Although he retired as an active player, he remained involved with them through executive and part-time coach positions until 1993 when his playing days ended.

Achievement and Honors

George Brett is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. His success on the field and work ethic have made him a favorite among his many fans, while he remains generous toward humanitarian causes and has supported various charity causes over time.

He currently resides in Kansas City with his wife Leslie Davenport and three children; they have been married since 1991 and maintain an uncompromising privacy about their personal life.

Brett is a Hall-of-Famer and recipient of multiple baseball awards during his distinguished career. Additionally, he frequently appears as a guest on radio programs and is well known as an expert sports commentator. Additionally, Brett co-founded the Brett Family Foundation which offers support to Kansas City youth, with its mission being helping children lead healthier, productive, fulfilling lives.

Personal Life

George Brett enjoys an exceptional family life. He and Leslie Davenport share three children together: Jackson, Dylan and Robin.

He is highly charitable, raising money for causes like ALS research and animal rights. Additionally, he and his brother jointly own a baseball equipment company.

George was honored as a 13-time All-Star and three-time American League Batting Champion during his career, scoring 3,154 hits to rank second all-time among third baseman in MLB history and being one of the greatest home run hitters ever. Additionally, George is honored as an inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. George’s Life Path Number 2 indicates a drive toward community, harmony, and relationships as motivators in his life journey.

Net Worth

George Brett was raised by a family passionate about sports, with Ken following in his footsteps and dreaming of making it big in baseball. George became one of the great Kansas City Royals players of his era – going on to earn 13 All-Star selections and win an AL batting crown during 21 seasons at Kansas City Royals.

He made his mark as both a manager and active participant in numerous charitable causes, in addition to founding his own company that manufactures baseball equipment.

He has become an international star who is beloved by people from every walk of life. He has already accomplished much in his career and continues to strive to make it better. People respect him not only because he’s an excellent player but also for being such a giving individual.

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