Gregory Peck Net Worth

Gregory Peck was a legendary actor who earned millions during his lifetime. Best-known for playing Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, Peck was also widely revered as an advocate of charitable giving.

He was born April 5, 1916 and died June 12, 2003 of bronchial pneumonia. During this time he fathered five children from both his first wife Greta Kukkonen and second wife Veronique Passani.

Early Life and Education

Gregory Peck was born April 5, 1916 in La Jolla California to separated parents who raised him by his maternal grandmother until later moving back in with him in San Diego. Gregory attended St John’s Catholic Military Academy before going on to University of California Berkeley for advanced studies.

Once he had gained experience at the theatre, he made his Broadway debut in 1942 and was met with immediate critical acclaim for his acting ability. Soon thereafter he transitioned into film work, appearing in multiple movies before retiring in 1977.

He was married twice during his lifetime and was the father of three sons – Stephen, Carey and Jonathan – all who resided with him at their respective addresses. Additionally he was known for being involved with various social causes. Unfortunately he died at home of bronchopneumonia in 2003.

Professional Career

Gregory Peck was an iconic movie actor with a six-decade long acting career that began on Broadway and included numerous critically-acclaimed movies. Prior to starting acting professionally, Peck worked as a truck driver for an oil company.

He won an Academy Award for his performance in To Kill A Mockingbird, which he considered his most authentic role. Critics were won over by his dignity, humanity and integrity which won over generations of viewers.

Peck was an active supporter of arts organizations throughout his lifetime. He served as founding member and three-term president of the American Film Institute as well as serving on its National Council of the Arts. Peck was also known for raising record contributions to support cancer charities like American Cancer Society.

Achievement and Honors

Peck was one of the most celebrated actors of classic Hollywood cinema. He earned five nominations for an Academy Award – and won it once for To Kill a Mockingbird – and four Golden Globe Awards.

He appeared in movies of various genres such as westerns, historical dramas, romantic comedies and even occult horror flicks. He worked with esteemed directors such as Alfred Hitchcock (SPELLBOUND), Vincente Minelli (DESIGNING WOMAN) and Raoul Walsh (CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER).

Greta Kukkonen was his wife from 1942 to 1955 and they had four sons; Jonathan, Stephen, Carey and Anthony. Following their divorce he married Paris news reporter Veronique Passani whom he divorced shortly before his death due to bronchopneumonia on June 12, 2003 at age 87 and was laid to rest at Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels Mausoleum.

Personal Life

Gregory Peck was a committed family man, always prioritizing his loved ones first. Married twice and the father of three, he staunchly supported various social causes including civil rights. Gregory also held multiple leadership roles within his community.

His academic interests included history and classical literature. To pursue these goals he participated in multiple academic conferences and debates.

Once he graduated Berkeley, he moved to New York City to study acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. First as a stage actor before making the leap into film during the 1940s and ’50s – becoming one of the most iconic leading men with appearances in The Keys of the Kingdom and Twelve O’Clock High among many classics starring roles.

Net Worth

Gregory Peck earned widespread acclaim for his commitment and ability to bring real-life characters onto the silver screen, drawing widespread acclaim for his efforts as an actor and filmmaker. His talent, integrity, and charitable efforts had an enormous impact on aspiring actors and filmmakers while leaving an indelible mark upon society as a whole.

Peck was best known for his roles in such iconic films as To Kill a Mockingbird and Roman Holiday, helping him amass considerable wealth throughout his lengthy career. Additionally, he invested in numerous charitable efforts and even served as UNICEF’s first celebrity spokesperson.

He and Veronique Passani owned an esteemed 1.3-acre Beverly Hills property with a French Chateau-style mansion, which they sold in 2014. His tremendous accomplishments as an individual filmmaker left an extraordinary legacy that continues to impact younger generations today.

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