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Jack Henry Odor Control Deodorant Review

Jack Henry provides high-quality personal care products designed specifically to address men’s personal hygiene. Their deodorant sticks offer effective coverage while being convenient and straightforward to apply – all hallmarks of quality men’s grooming products.

Professional athletes have tested this odor and sweat protection product and found it effective over 48 hours of sweat and odor protection. A blend of plant botanicals and bentonite clay absorb odor-causing particles while hinoki, juniper, and eucalyptus oils keep your smelling fresh all day. Plus, there are no synthetics, alcohol or aluminum ingredients.

Early Life and Education

American women were just beginning to incorporate deodorant into their beauty regimen during the early 1900s, wearing rubber dress shields under their arms to avoid sweat stains on clothing, but that did not help combat body odor.

In 1903, a woman wrote Mrs. Henry Symes of the Los Angeles Sunday Times asking for a homemade deodorant recipe. Mrs. Symes replied with instructions for creating an antiperspirant paste composed of arrowroot powder, beeswax and baking soda with essential oils to combat sweat and body odor.

Harry’s Innovation arm recently acquired Lume Deodorant, which uses natural ingredients to control body odor. While details regarding the financial transaction remain undisclosed, Tehmina Haider, Chief Growth Officer for Harry’s Innovation arm told TechCrunch that when selecting acquisition targets Harry’s looks for proven product fit and consumer acceptance.

Professional Career

Jack Henry established this company to provide men with natural body care products and to educate them on what was in their current personal hygiene products. Their handcrafted items use no synthetics or questionable toxins; and include hair, skin and deodorant products.

Their inaugural product is a bentonite clay based deodorant that underwent 10+ iterations until reaching something that smells great, is effective and won’t irritate skin. Utilizing plant botanicals and essential oils as absorbers of sweat while eliminating odor-causing elements without aluminum or synthetic components.

Personal Life

Jack Henry’s Odor Control Deodorant is an effective, long-lasting deodorant with 24 hour protection from odor. Made with magnesium and natural plant extracts to fight bacteria that causes underarm odor, it contains no baking soda, synthetics or alcohol and applies smoothly onto skin without irritating it – its scent combines Hinoki Juniper Eucalyptus for an irresistibly refreshing experience!

Lume is a direct-to-consumer brand offering highly effective yet safe products to manage all-over body odor. Lume was founded by Shannon Klingman, an internationally certified obstetrician and gynecologist, to dispel common misconceptions surrounding all over body odor and give everyone confidence to live their best lives.

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