Henry Mueller

Henry Mueller

Heinz was renowned for pioneering high-volume production methods within his factories.

This collection comprises four series: Biographical and Personal Information, Correspondence, Research Notes & Files, Classroom Material & Committee Files. Each series is organized alphabetically by subject matter.

Early Life and Education

Henry Mueller was born April 7, 1917 in Cynwyd, Pennsylvania and survived by his wife of 66 years Esther, son John, granddaughters Laura and Julia as well as great-granddaughter Charlotte.

He graduated with both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana University. Additionally, he served as a linguist during World War I before taking advantage of sabbatical opportunities to travel the world while at IU.

Muller was last seen at Berlin’s Fuhrerbunker on May 1, 1945; according to the CIA, they believed if he survived, he might be living under Soviet protection.

One of the many quotes by Muller that stood out was this one: “A heritage of excellence does not depend on or appeal to mediocrities”. This can be attributed to him being extremely focused in both life and career.

Professional Career

After graduating high school in 1934, he secured a temporary job as a page at Citibank while studying economics at New York University evening classes. By 1941 he had been accepted to Princeton, with Citibank covering his tuition.

As a general, he went on to have an illustrious military career, earning numerous accolades including the Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit Bronze Star and Air Medal as well as American Campaign and Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medals.

After retiring in 1971 from military service, Mueller relocated to Montecito, California, and quickly became active in community affairs. He served as director and trustee of both organizations before long-standing friendship with Renee Fleming (renowned soprano). Mueller passed away in 2020 but is survived by his wife Kate Hevner Mueller.

Achievement and Honors

His achievements include winning two gold medals in the 400 meter relay, Colorado state champion and setting a national high school record in 200 free relay. Furthermore, he participated in USOpen qualifying teams while swimming for Foothills Swim Team.

Mueller served as regimental commander of the 82nd Airborne Division during the Cuban Missile Crisis and later served as G-2 of Army Ground Forces during its occupation of Japan.

He focuses his research and teaching on the intersections among writing, rhetorics, technologies, and digital culture. He has published in Kairos, Enculturation, and other journals; his monograph Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing a Discipline from Colorado State University Open Press’s #writing series is available both print and online for sale. In addition to this monograph he is interested in digital composing practices, networks in composition as well as discipline biographies or field narratives among many other scholarly interests.

Personal Life

He was an exceptional family man and loved helping those around him. For many years he spent plowing snow, helping people mow their lawns, woodworking and serving as an active 4-H leader within his local community.

Professor Mueller’s research and writings encompassed a wide array of subjects. While most of his papers relate to Sociology, there are also files on Philosophy, Religion, History and Linguistics within this collection.

The museum is overseen by the Hieronymus Mueller Family Foundation, established in 1994. This board comprises Jane Mueller, John Scot Mueller and Henry Muller; its mission focuses on collecting, preserving and interpreting its rich historical background while cultivating appreciation of how closely related it is with local, regional and national events.

Net Worth

Henry Muller was one of the pioneer families who settled Sheboygan County. A prominent lumber dealer and one of its ex-Sheriffs, he settled here in 1847. His sons remain prominent citizens today occupying large tracts of land in Herman Township.

His net worth is estimated to exceed $2.3 Million dollars and since 2014 has averaged selling 9 units of Fulton stock every 131 days on average since 2014. She completed one trade worth over $396,667 when exercising 29,602 units of Fulton on 1 May 2023 worth over $396,667.

Since 2011, Mr. Li has made over 32 trades of Biomarin Pharmaceutical stock on Form 4, according to filings with the SEC. Most recently he exercised 2,500 units worth over $157,750 on 13 January 2023.

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