How are winners notified?

How are winners notified?

The winners will be notified in writing. This could also be done by e-mail, in which case the organizer can then compulsorily collect the e-mail data. It is inadmissible to inquire about the telephone number without a purpose, but only to notify the winners in writing.

How do I write to customers correctly?

Mostly address your customers in you-style. Instead of We send you … you better write You receive … and instead of We are pleased to inform you, better formulate We have good news for you!

How do I write a nice reminder?

Kindly remind you of something – without getting on your nerves Try to make a reminder superfluous from the outset. How you phrase your reminder – in a friendly but firm manner. Tip 1: Include a “friendly reminder” in the subject line. Tip 2: DO NOT charge. Tip 3: Name the (positive) consequences to show how important the action is.

How do I write a payment reminder?

When you write a payment reminder, you should basically find the same information as on an invoice, but also the following: Invoice number and invoice date of the outgoing invoice, customer number, due date, open invoice amount, reference to the missing payment.

How do I formulate the first reminder?

You must write the following information on a reminder: The delay in payment must be clearly stated. You can set a new payment term. The reference to the original invoice must be clear from the reminder. The invoice number, the original due date and the outstanding amount must be listed.

What should a payment reminder look like?

Form of the payment reminder A payment reminder does not require any special form, because it can be made orally, in writing or simply informally. However, the written form should be adhered to for reasons of evidence. Incidentally, an online reminder in PDF format is an attachment to an email, as is a letter.

How do I formulate a request for payment?

In it, state the reason for the claim, the amount and the exact date on which the money should be received. A period of 14 days is usually appropriate. Step 3: If nothing happens, you should send a polite but clear warning by registered mail.

What is a payment request?

A request for payment or a reminder is the request to the debtor to settle a claim that is due.

How do you warn correctly?

The word “reminder” must be clearly recognizable…. That is in a perfect reminder letter: Date of the reminder, specification of the invoice including date and number, specification of a new payment term, dunning costs if your customer is already in arrears. Announcement of the consequences if your customer lets the reminder pass.

What must all be in a reminder?

In order for a reminder to be legally valid, the following must be included: Name, address, company name of the obligee and debtor, the current date at the time the reminder was issued, the invoice and delivery note number, the amount of the outstanding payment, the due date of the original invoice, the amount of interest on arrears incl .

How many reminders must there be?

There is no obligation to issue three reminders. Business customers are even in default without a reminder – according to the law at the latest if they have not paid 30 days after the due date and receipt of the invoice.

How many reminders can you get?

What follows the last reminder? There is therefore no legal regulation according to which a company has to send a defaulting debtor a total of three reminders. In this respect, the last extrajudicial reminder is not a prerequisite for taking further steps.

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