How can I impress my teacher?

How can I impress my teacher?

Impressing your teacher is important if you want to be a good student. Stay active and get involved in the class. Whenever possible, answer and ask questions and carefully follow the teacher’s instructions. Always do your best in school and your teacher will be impressed.

What to do if a teacher insults a student?

Even if a student interferes a lot and the teacher is annoyed by it, the teacher must not insult the student. If the teacher does it, he has committed a crime. According to the penal code, an insult is punishable (paragraph 185 StGB). The student can file a criminal complaint with the police.

How can you show appreciation?

Let the other person feel through behavior, facial expressions and gestures that you recognize them. This also has an impact on you: treat your fellow human beings with respect and you will be popular and welcome.

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