How can I write well?

How can I write well?

Five golden rules for good textsFirst rule: break up texts with paragraphs and create info boxes. Rule #1: Paragraphs. Second rule: address the reader! Rule #2: Interest. Third rule: Use clear, lively language. Rule #3: Nesting Sets. Fourth rule: avoid foreign words. Rule #4: Anglicisms.More entries…•

How Much Can You Earn From an E Book?

You can make a few bucks on an ebook that you write and sell for $29 if you dig deep into niche markets. But that doesn’t get you very far. And getting a new customer for an information product for only 30 euros with pay-per-click advertising is not particularly realistic.

How do I publish a book on Amazon?

To publish a book on Amazon, you set up a seller account on Amazon’s self-publishing platform. This is called Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). To do this, go to and create an account. Enter your address or

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