How can you learn to write texts?

How can you learn to write texts?

Learn to write better: 11 exercises + tips for the perfect flow of writing. All the beginning is not that difficult… Automatic writing. Develop a routine. Try oral writing. Emotions: Get excited. Think in pictures. Represent content differently. Autobiographical self-reflection.

What’s the best way to flow?

If you record the maximum number of syllables in the bar, then your text will sound fluid – you will flow fluidly. If you absorb fewer syllables, you will have to insert one or more pauses between the syllables or lengthen them as you speak.

What do you have to do to become a rapper?

Important skills as a rapper As a rapper, it is not enough to cut a good figure in baggy jeans and be able to write two lines of poetry. For this sub-form of hip-hop you need a good sense of rhythm and fluency in speaking. Also, don’t be afraid to reveal something about yourself.

What is hip hop simply explained?

Hip-hop (also hip-hop) is a genre of music with roots in Afro-American funk and soul music. Rap (singing), which originated in the Jamaican tradition of toasting, sampling and scratching are other characteristics of this music, which originated in the African-American ghettos of the United States.

What kind of dance is hip hop?

Hip-hop includes all dance styles that developed primarily in the streets of American ghettos or in schoolyards. These include breakdance, popping, locking, new style, krumping and urban. Hip hop and street dance itself is very improvisational and above all communicative.

What kind of music is hip hop?


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