How Change Db_unique_name For Standby Database

How Change DB_Unique_Name For Standby Database

You should change the unique name for a standby database in the same way as you would for the primary one. You should be careful when changing the parameter. Otherwise, you may end up with unexpected behavior and a long troubleshooting process.

The db_unique_name is a global unique name for the database. It must be unique from all other databases within the enterprise and must also be unique within the cluster. This value can be as long as 30 characters and case-insensitive. You need to stop running Oracle 12c services before changing the db_unique_name of a database.

Before you make a change, you must first detach the current dSource environment from the new Primary site. You can do this using the Delphix Command Line Interface (CLI). Make sure to detach the current Standby database if you are using it as the primary database.

After making the changes, the standby database host should be configured to use ORACLE_HOME/ORACLE_HOME/ORACLE. The standby database host should be able run the tnsping command against the primary database. It should also have the same PFILE. It should also have the new parameters set. Once you have all the parameters set, you can begin the redo application process on the standby data base.

Oracle Data Guard is a high availability system that allows you to mirror a database on another server. This process is known as failover. The standby site is usually a replica of the primary database. This type of standby site is often used in disaster recovery and is sometimes referred to as Active-Passive Database High Availability (APDHA).

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